Market Monday: Green, striped and prickly

This morning I went to one of my favorite places in Lake City, KC’s Produce Market. It’s conveniently about a half a mile down the street from my house and has a real sweet atmosphere. The only thing better than the customer service is the unbeatable price of produce. Most prices in there are cut in half compared to any grocery store, and in some cases even more.

Usually Abe comes with me and helps pick out what we need, and I’ll let him pick out a few things that he would like. It’s nice, because I can teach him colors and shapes while also displaying the importance of consuming fruits and veggies. However, he wasn’t with me this morning, so I was able to shop leisurely for our produce for the week. It was heavenly!

Here are my three favorites from today!

green onions

Green onions are such a great addition to so many meals. I absolutely LOVE the way they smell! I also have some nostalgia that is tied to them as well. When I was going to school at NGU, there was a field close by that I would walk to and sit in by myself. One day I discovered that it was a field of green onions, and the owner was happy to let me pick as many as I wanted!

heirloom zebra tomatoes

Heirloom Zebra tomatoes are a new discovery I made today. I’m a big fan of all tomatoes, so trying a new kind is fun. I sunk my teeth into one of these this morning, and it was so rich and sweet. I also find them to be visually pleasing.



When a ripe pineapple enters our house, it is usually gone within a few hours. Daniel and I mean about a juicy pineapple.

Where do you enjoy shopping for your produce? What are your favorite fruits and veggies?

cilantro and pepper plants

Weekend Review: A Summer Saturday

I had such a summery Saturday that I just felt I needed to share it with you through pictures. It started out with orange cranberry muffins, involved the farmers market, planting herbs and veggies, and ended with a great 3-year-old birthday party at the park. It involved copious amounts of family time, a shark movie, and watermelon. How much more summer can you get? I’m finding that as an adult, some of the warmest, most satisfying moments are the ones that are nostalgic and simple.

How was your weekend? What was your favorite part about it?