May The Fourth Be With You!

I just want to start off by apologizing for my lack of content this week. As you saw in Tuesday’s post, I started watching another 1 year old, and although fun, requiring some adjustments. I now have to play an even bigger puzzle, finding the right place and time in the day for blogging and other responsibilities. It has also been a very trying five days, because Abram has been teething HARDCORE. The poor little guy seems to constantly be in pain, and being 1 doesn’t help. He can’t communicate fully with me on how he feels, and it just makes for very difficult days. This morning he woke up with fluid in his chest and a higher fever than yesterday. Luckily all of the fluid and mucus he’s coughing up and rocket shooting out of his nose is clear. How gross was that? You’re welcome. Today will be a day of breathing treatments, baby tylenol and keeping him as happy as possible.

Thank God Daniel decided to stay home from work today and lend me a helping hand with the little tike. Having him home, regardless of what is happening, always makes for a better day. When I’ve had enough, he can take over. And Abram always seems to listen better when both of us are home.

Anyways, Jude and the Walrus has some pretty neat stuff coming up soon. I’m gonna be featuring some other wonderful writers, putting up some more items on Etsy and hopefully starting a sponsorship program soon. I’m also excited to write about the trip to Guatemala Daniel and I will be taking in November and how you can be a part of that mission!

Well friends, have a great weekend and don’t party too hard for Cinco De Mayo!

1 Year Olds!!

I am surprisingly excited that I get to play with not just one babe, but TWO today! And all of Tuesdays and Thursdays for the month of May. My friend Melissa, who watches her own 3 year old and a couple of other kids from church, is about to pop out another little boy this weekend. I get to watch one of the kids that she had under her care while she has the baby and enjoys some time off. Little Miss Maggie is a pleasure! She is a few months older than Abram, and they hit it off so quick this morning! Abe and Maggie have played before, but only in the babe room at church. They’ve never had some good quality 1 year old time together. Her parents are fantastic and really laid back, so I figured it would be an easy day. Here are some pictures from their play time outside this morning!

The Sh-sh-sh-shakes

Yesterday a terrorist that looked like my child traded lives with him.

Granted, teeth are starting to plow through his gums at full force now. And he did have a rash on his little booty that was something awful. But my gawwwl. His discomfort propelled him into doing everything that he was not supposed to do with an iron will. I lost count of the tantrums by noon.

Several things happen when a day like yesterday sideswipes me with no forewarning from my periph:

1) I want to eat everything that is terrible

2) I want to watch everything that will make me feel like I am escaping

3) I get a jaw-clenching headache

4) The sh-sh-sh-shakes

5) I think of ways to sound extra desperate so that I can convince Daniel to come home

6) The thought of moving, much less working out, makes me hate life

7) I rarely, if ever at all, think to ask God for help

I can just hear the gasps of judgement coming through the computer screen as the perfect moms of America read this in complete shock and bewilderment. Praise God I don’t know too many of those. I’d punch them in their perfectly groomed hair.

Anyways, I feel like numbers 6 and 7 are pretty sucky. But besides being a sad state of affairs, I feel like they may be tied to one another in a way.

My normal inclination would have been to feel all of those things and follow through with them. But yesterday, somewhere in all of the frazzle-ness I mustered up enough life to work out. I ended up vigorously dancing for 25 minutes and burned about 200 calories. I also did 50 crunches, 15 in-and-outs and 10 push-ups. That’s incredible for a day like yesterday.

I also felt more peaceful spiritually. I was able to thank God for the day instead of dismissing Him all together. That’s incredible for a day like yesterday.

The physical and the spiritual seem to ignite each other. Sometimes when I feel like giving up on health, God encourages me through prayer, another person, a picture, something I read, etc. And sometimes when I don’t feel like having a relationship with God, exercise pushes me towards Him.

It’s pretty sweet. I don’t know, I feel like there should be a conclusion or a “moral of the story,” but it just feels really simple this time.

What kind of stuff defines days like this for you? What are you defaults when these days occur?

How do you fight it?