Hey There Cute Hair: Summer Waves

So a few weeks ago some friends asked us if we wanted to go get Mexican for Cinco de Mayo, and of course we could not resist. I only had a few minutes to get ready, so blow drying and styling my hair was out of the question. I popped on a headband and ended up tucking all of my hair into it like a chignon. Later that evening when I took it off, I had an AWESOME body wave and perfectly straightened bangs. Of course then the light bulb turned on, and I decided to do a little hair tutorial for all ya’ll. You’re going to need a thick headband, as shown below. This way of giving waves to your hair is best done before bed and slept on. You can also take the blow dryer to it, which works just fine. The results, either way, will gives your tresses perfect summer waves, beautiful bangs and a break from the curling iron/straightener.

It’s ok if some of your hair falls out from the final wrap, because this is a more laid back hair style anyway. All I added to the finished style was a tiny amount of smoothing serum (I’m known to get some mad strays). Here’s another picture of a time I did it at work. My hair turned out so perfectly smooth and wavy!

Have fun and look good!

Shimmery Spring Headband Tutorial

Happy Monday! If you are wondering who the winner is of the A Nice Weekend Indeed Contest……. Miss Julianna Hendrix! She gets to pick any item from my etsy shop for free, and I’m even gonna take care of the S&H. Thank you to those who participated.

So anyways, I love spring, and so far it has been a wonderful one here in the ol’ Sunshine State. I’ve been searching and dreaming about accessories and such that woul compliment said season, and I saw this picture my friend Haley posted on Pinterest.

I thought this was really cute, and wanted to make one for myself. I’m not really into stars right now, so I made one with triangles. My current favorite shape. Ridiculous I know. Wanna see how I made it?

The supplies for this headband are simple, and you probably already have them lying around your house! Fetch you some scissors, white felt, a headband or ribbon, glitter, Mod Podge, a glue gun and glue sticks.

Cut out the shapes of your choice. They can be anything, and if you aren’t good at free-styling it, then just make a paper stencil first.

Take a paint brush and apply a liberal amount of Mod Podge to one of your triangles.

Sprinkle your glitter onto the triangle, and then repeat for the others. Don’t be afraid to use that glitter, you can pour the rest back in the container when you are done.

Let the beauties dry.

Once your pieces are dry, get your glue gun and attach the pieces to your headband. Make sure to space them correctly before you glue them, and be careful! Don’t burn your fingers like I always do.

For extra hold, cut small rectangles from your left over felt and glue them to the backs of your pieces, making sure that they don’t show from the front of your headband.

Your done! Now you have a shimmery spring headband to wear and make all of your friends jealous. Now for the fun part…. put it on!

If you like this headband but don’t feel like making one yourself, you can visit my etsy shop and buy this one! Not a fan of triangles? That’s o.k. Not everyone is perfect. I’d be glad to custom make you a headband with whatever shapes you like. Just shoot me an email at

Now get to work!

Springy Thingys.

New stuff up on etsy! Some light spring accessories that will add the perfect touch to that cute outfit or that crazy hair. You can find these here, or just click on that etsy button over on the right side of my page. If you simply like the way they look, show some love and pin them on pinterest!


I was covered in godzilla mosquitoes while doing this little photo shoot. DEDICATION!