Thrifty Thursday: Lemon and Vanilla

Tuesday I took Abram and Maggie to Goodwill to enjoy some thrifting and get them out of the house for a while. They actually had a lot of fun and boy oh boy, did I find some gems! This vintage maxi skirt was the first skirt I saw and there was no question as to whether or not I should put it in the cart. I mean duh. The purse I found underneath a heap of other less fortunate purses. It is almost always worth the dig. I find that if I just commit to the hunt, I come out with great finds. It takes some patience, and the understanding that you cannot go into a thrift store with your sights set on finding a particular item. Oh I love it!

How bout you? Any recent thrifty scores lately? I love a good story about snagging something awesome for so cheap.

Thrift Finds!

The Goodwill in Lake City is SURPRISINGLY fantastic. I never leave empty handed and almost always have to put a few things back so I don’t spend too much. Here’s what I scooped up today:

A cute striped shirt for Abe: $1

A pair of Robeez with little airplanes: $1.99…. These suckers usually price between $20-40. CRAAZAAY!


Floral Print shirt with braided collar: $4. I like it because it’s airy and light.

Aqua Merona dress: $5. Perfect for spring!