Break All My Bones Part 1

I’ve been experiencing a new kind of faith the past week and a half. It has been the most painful, exhausting, liberating and eye-opening 9 days of my life. And I saw my dad being trampled by police on the news once. I saw a man get dragged underneath my car 50 feet and almost die in front of my eyes.

These things pale in comparison.

I know that this journey of freedom will be longer than just these past 9 days, so I am going to do a series of posts that touch on what I’ve been going through, sin, our innate crookedness, the pathetic yet enticing lies of Satan and God’s overwhelming and death-conquering glory.

Hold on to your butts.

Here’s a bunch of words I wrote after small group on Wednesday, the 15th of August. Little did I know God was going to start answering this plea just a few days later.

I lived a life of whores, found five lovers and even more.

There’s nothing that you tell me you’ve done, that I haven’t done before.

In my heart, sin has dwelt since the dawn of Eve’s choice. 

Dining with the dead, entertaining a lively corpse. 

Break all of my bones if you have to, and rip them right out.

Don’t leave a spec of sin,  not one single solitary doubt.

Take from me this flesh, and replace it with your spirit.

Pull my sides right off, I don’t care if it’s a bloody mess.

Breathe into me breath, and pull me out of this pretty grave.

I can’t live another second, as a zombie and as a slave.

I may not have any sides, but now I am finally alive.