Inside Scoop: Megan’s Purse

Old Leather Purse // JATW
So, I was sitting on my bed, looking for a really important business card and panicking while I pulled all of the crap outta my purse. About once a month or so, this happens to me. It’s just the way I live my life.

I decided, after I had finally found that business card, to go ahead and clean out the ol’ bag since everything was spread across my sheets anyway. I looked at the pile of “keeps” and it dawned on me that I’d never done a classic “what’s in my purse” blog post! Not even 5 seconds after I thought that, I looked at the mound of garbage piled next to the “keeps” pile, and made myself laugh really hard.

So of course, you know I’m not leaving that garbage out, because I feel like that would be lying.

First off, my purse isn’t really that cute. It’s an only leather thing I found at the Micanopy Festival two years ago. Someone who lived in the town was having a junk sale, and it was 50 cents. It seems small, but it has just enough crevices and pockets that allow me to never know where anything is. It’s real fun. I have a nice designer leather purse that my aunt gave me a year and a half ago, and a couple vintage ones that I use from time to time. But my heart keeps coming back to this stupid thing.

What's in my purse? Lot's of garbage because #reallife // JATWSo here’s the mound of garbage. As you can tell, it’s mostly receipts. There’s a ziploc bag of old almonds in there, an expired credit card ( I cut that up, btw), an empty BC powder pouch, and some crumbs from a snack Abram wanted to save for later…. 4 months ago.

What's in my purse? // JATW

So now that we’ve got the garbage out of the way, here’s some other stuff I lug around on a day-to-day basis:

1) Buxom lip gloss (A Must) and some christmas hand sanitizer (because I’m kinda gross and don’t use it ever)

2) More pain relief

3) An unopened nail file that’s going to great use, obviously

4) eos lip balm

5) Beard Sauce business cards

6) Keroppi change purse (that I put all of the change in when I clean my purse out instead of just putting it in when I actually receive change)

7) A guitar tuner and a pack of strings

8) bobby pins and rings

9) My fabulous Dollar Wallet and Abe’s tiny leather wallet (he swipes change and dollars from my father-in-law’s counter all of the time, so we figured he needed something to hold his┬ástolen money)

10) My yet-to-be-deposited Starbucks paycheck (I hate depositing checks so much, so they usually sit in my purse for at least a week)

11) My rotation of glasses

Are you a receipt hoarder like me? Do you have one thousand bobby pins that you can never find hiding in that bag of yours?

What’s in your purse?


This is nothing new.