The Uribes: Five Questions About London

Oh mah gosh, you guys…. I’m so excited to share this post with you today, as two of my most favorite people in the world are featured in it!

Genie has been a good friend of mine since diapers. We grew up in church together and have become close friends in our adult years. David is her fantastic and hilarious husband (whom my husband gets along with REALLY well), so it’s just a great situation all around. David and Genie have spent the last year living in London, working for the Awaken Movement (which you should go check out after the video). They are less than 30 days away from moving back to the states (Miami, Florida to be precise), and I asked them if they wanted to vlog for me! This video is hilarious and informative, as you get a little inside peak into London life and more specifically, the Uribe’s lives.


YouTube Preview Image