October always love a Change.

Every year around the beginning of October, when it’s time to go to Catalyst, Daniel or I (or both of us at the same time) ends up with a new job situation. This year it’s my turn.

I know I haven’t been hanging out in this blog for a while (4 months actually), and there’s been so much going on. It was quite a summer… definitely one for the books.

A series of small events led me to make a silly video, and that silly video and the people who got behind it raised us enough money to start a business based around a product I created called Beard Sauce. I also started working at Starbucks this past June, and the call to community living through my church got louder this summer as well.

It’s been nuts. Like 4-hours-of-sleep-a-night nuts. It’s been the most living I’ve ever done. Like real, going beyond all the doubts and fears I’ve always had, shouting out of freedom and sleeping when your dead kinda living. I’ve had some pretty painful downtimes as well, but those were every bit a part of the living.

So whats next for me, huh?

Well, some of you will be happy to hear that I will have more time to devote to Jude and the Walrus again, as today was my last day serving coffee at Starbucks. My full time job will basically be Beard Sauce, finishing my album and hanging out with the people that are placed in my life. I’m gonna need a platform to write about it all as it happens, and this blog is where that will take place.

I know I’m not a terribly consistent person. I just like to do EVERYTHING, but I’m learning how to hone in on a few things at a time and finish stuff with excellence.

This blog isn’t finished yet, though. I feel like we’ve got years to cultivate this bad boy.

No Commitments Stay-cation

No Commitments Stay-cation!

Starting on Monday, Daniel, Abram and I will be commencing our No Commitments Stay-cation week. It couldn’t come any sooner! Monday also happens to be Memorial Day, which means we can go to the beach and Daniel still gets paid! Hallelujah. We both still have to work next week, because we cannot afford take off. But outside of job requirements, we are free for 7 days!

No Commitments Stay-cation has rules:

1. We are not allowed to make any kind of commitments or plans, no matter how small during those 7 days (even if it is for the future)

2. Every single night will be family night (accept for a night set aside for some kind of date)

3. Relaxing is required

We don’t have money to take an out of town vacation, so we decided that if we had to take one at home, we would treat it as if we were going out of town. Our lives are often so busy, that family time doesn’t always get to happen. Before the crazy summer starts with youth camp, a trip to Miami, weddings, a new etsy collection, Guatemala fundraising and more responsibility at work, we wanted to have one solid week for just us three. It’s so important.

So with that being said, I will still be posting every day. I’ve been working extra hard this week to get blog posts done in advance. If you need to reach me just to talk and catch up, then don’t hesitate.

HOWEVER, if you need to ask me something that requires me making any kind of commitment or plan for the weeks following, sorry. You’ll have to wait until the 4th of June. I love you guys, but I need some fam time!

5 Minutes to Fresh Ideas

Coming up with topics to write about can be difficult, especially if you are your own boss. You want to feel good about what you are writing, and you want others to be inspired by it as well. Sometimes I feel like when I talk to people about my blog, they have the idea that what I am doing is silly and unimportant. I get the “that doesn’t really take much work” type of vibe.

It couldn’t be any further from the truth. Sure I’m not sitting down and sculpting a perfect piece in iambic pentameter. But what I write matters, because I love to do it. And the same goes for you too, in whatever field your passions draw you to.

I read this great blog post today by Creative Arts Pastor Stephen Brewster on the 16 habits of Creativity, and it inspired me to do a little exercise. I got out my good ‘ol pen and notepad, and started a 5 minute countdown on my iphone stop watch. I then wrote down as many ideas as I could think of, and had to stop when the five minutes were up.

Sounds simple, but the race to beat the clock actually purged from my mind some great idea. And it felt good to get them all down, even if some of them weren’t really all that special. The point of the exercise was to get the brain going and the creative juices flowing. Sometimes that is all it takes to create one smashing result that effects a great number of people.

Whether you write, create D.I.Y. tutorials, watch kids all day or take fantastic photos, this is a great exercise. It will get your day going and give you the motivation you need to be your creative and original self!