Blah Days.

Truthfully, I’ve been trying all day to think of something worth blogging about that involves visuals but that takes me 5 minutes.


So instead, I am going to tell you about what’s been going on today that is not that exciting at all. I’m sure some of you wanna see the great things I got for my birthday (trust me they are great) but that’s probably not going to happen until tomorrow or Thursday. And I also just thought of this: I wouldn’t be completely honest if I only posted super engaging and fun things all the time, cause that’s not how life is. Blah days are inevitable, and necessary.

Wanna here the most boring part of  my morning? I finished my taxes. Blah.

BUT, we are getting back over $4,000 dollars. So holler atcha girl (is that super tacky? I don’t care. People can know about my money).

I am pretty pumped up about this return (thanks to my son being born last year) because now Daniel and I can enjoy our 2nd year anniversary and not worry about spending money we don’t have. I think our plans are to go home to Miami and stay on the beach for a weekend. We are also going to use a huge chunk of it to continue to chip away at the student loan debt we have. RESPONSIBILITY!

In other news, Abram spilled my coffee on our new (old) rug that Daniel’s granny gave to us. So now I’m gunna have to do a little steam cleaning. Blah.

Our house is a mess, and it is beckoning me to straighten it up. Blah.

I should also probably take a shower. Blah.

Have you had a blah day recently? Do you accept those days and appreciate them for what they are or do you hate them with a fiery passion?