Friend Feature: Heart Sparks Illustration

So I have been so excited to share with you all my lovely portrait, hand drawn with much skill and passion, by the fabulous Angie Thompson of Heart Sparks Illustration.

Angie is a friend of mine that I have really only gotten to meet once or twice in person. Much like my friend Carrie Mattson (whom I’ve now spent ample time with in person) Angie and I have been getting to know each other via Social Media like instagram and such. We have mutual friends from Greenville, South Carolina. We even went to the same school, but I was only at NGU for a year, not getting the chance to know her.

From what I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing thus far, she is a beautiful person with a ferocious amount of talent. She also has great taste in fashion, coffee and beautiful things in general. I’ve seen her drawings and portraits of couples over the past year, and I finally had to ask her to do one for our little family. Needless to say, I am so happy about the result!

If you haven’t already clicked on the link above, then stop waiting and click here. Check out her work, support what she loves to do most and have her bless your home with a portrait or illustration!

Fall/Winter Plans and Such

Each year as the seasons turn, I never prepare for the next season that is about to commence. This inevitably always means that I never really partake in the seasons’ activities, such as Christmas baking, Halloween decorating, etc. I am determined to be more involved with fall/winter this year. Here are some of my goals, both related to the seasons and to life in general.

1) Finally learn how to freaking sew!

2) Fix my vintage typewriter.

3) Actually decorate for Halloween… gasp!

4) Do some fall travelling, and get up to the ¬†Carolina’s for peak fall foliage.

5) Bake as many festive dishes and desserts as possible!

What are your goals for this fall season? Wanna keep each other in check to make sure we do them?

D.I.Y. Shoe Bedazzle

So I have been seeing several tuts floating around Pinterest for giving an old pair of shoes some new life. I’ve been on a pretty crazy Pinterest kick for the past two weeks (almost every meal we’ve eaten for over a week and a half has been a pinterest recipe) so I wanted to give this quick project a try. I like the tuts that only take a few minutes and don’t require many materials. These are the kind of projects I work on in between cleaning the house, while Abe is taking a nap, to revitalize me and keep the creative spark aflame. So check out my new (old) emerald flats! This seriously took me less than 10 minutes.


Apparently you are supposed to do another coat of mod podge after the glitter is dried. I haven’t done that yet, as the glitter seems to stay on, but I probably will just to be safe.