Our New Home

The Mantle

So as most of you know, we moved back in January. I don’t think I’ve posted on the blog since then, as we’ve been adjusting to lots of changes, including a baby on the way! But now that we are pretty settled in, I wanted to share some our space with you, included the decorated and the still-disasterous parts. I love that almost the entire house is white- it makes for a great blank canvas. There is definitely a difference between renting a buying. Something happens when you buy a home. Its like that space is ABSOLUTELY YOURS, and I’ve found that I put quite a bit more thought and care into it. I don’t want to worship it, and I know how easily that can happen. But I do want it to be a place for me to be able to breath easy, even on the tough days. I want it to be a place for Abe to have many adventures in, a place for Daniel to come home to and feel like he can rest and enjoy his down time. I definitely want it to be a place where others can find sanctuary and refreshment.

So up above is our mantle. I think the mirror was a really cool touch, even though it’s revealing that, ehemm, very interesting chandelier. Sidenote: Every single room in our house has a sparkly chandelier in it. I look forward to replacing most of them with something a little more industrial and modest.

But I placed our giant W up on the mantle because it’s one of the first things you see when you walk in our home. It’s kind of a statement piece for me- the Webb’s live here. Welcome.

The Fireplace

The fireplace is closed off, so I decided to add some of our old vinyl down there with a fun vintage typewriter I got at a local antique shop for $19. It has the original receipt on it! the cracks between the tile is gross, I know.

The glass shelves

I’m not super into glass shelving, but this is what was here when we moved in, and now that it has my stuff on it, I don’t hate it. I should probably put a picture in that frame, though. I’ve collected little decorative pieces from thrift stores to hobby lobby over the years, and I do enjoy having a place to display them now.

The Record Player

Our record player used to sit on our small record cabinet, but that thing is sitting in the soon-to-be office right now. We put it up high on one of the built in cabinets for now. Of course I’ve got my current faves displayed.

The Dining Room

This is our dining room. As you can see, there’s much space to spare, and I look forward to finding the perfect piece of art to put up on that back wall. We also need a bigger rug from under the table, but neither of us care about that right now. The table and chairs were fun to pick out, and we got them at Ikea.

Flight of the Conchords

Daniel and I have had this poster since Record Store Day of 2010. They were giving them out with the purchase of Vinyl at Horizon Records in Greenville, South Carolina. Flight of the Conchords is one of our most beloved shows, and I’ve been dying to find the right place for this thing for several years. It’ll probably make its way around the house, but for now it hangs in our dining room.

The Bedroom

Technically there is a closet in our bedroom, but it doesn’t have a bar to hang clothes on and it’s tiny. Daniel built me this industrial open closet for my clothes, which I absolutely adore. The rest of our stuff is either folded in our tiny closet or hanging in the office closet (which is a walk-in and has a chandelier in it, of course).

So now that you’ve seen several of my fave spots in the house, I’m gonna show you the not so pretty spots. We are as messy and unfinished as the next family, and I’m not gonna hide it. Maybe you can help me with some inspiration!

The Bedroom Wall

This giant built-on frame is above our bed (which is on the floor and has yet to have a responsible matching set of linens for it), and it used to have wallpaper in it, as you can see. The first day we moved in, I ripped most of it off. I originally was going to paint some lyrics in it from one of our favorite songs, but now I’m not so sure. What do you think?

The Laundry Room

This is a room in the back of the house that connects our bedroom to the back foyer and kitchen. It was originally going to be my office, but it has turned into a laundry/junk room. I think this will end up an organized laundry/junk room soon, and eventually become a closed in master bathroom.

The Office

This was originally part of the wrap around porch that was closed in to make an extra room. It’s long and narrow, and has a door to the outside at the front of it. This is going to be our office/home studio, but for now it’s just got a bunch of our crap loosely strewn about. I look forward to this being the most organized room in the house.

We’ve got so many ideas and dreams for our new home, including turning the giant open attic into a second floor. I want to landscape and garden and do all of the things you need money for, haha. So, for now, we will be patient and do things as we can afford to do them. It’s our house until we either sell it or die, so what’s the rush?