New Business Giveaway!

Besides my lovely job of taking care of my son during the weekdays, I also work part time as a team member for Speedy Signs. Right now I’m kind of a project, or perhaps my tasks are. They’ve assigned me to work on the social media aspect of their marketing, and so I’ve been at it with the blogs, tweets and Pinterest pins. Dream job, HELLO!

Anyways, Speedy is having a really cool giveaway right now. They are offering $1000 worth of a vast array of products for one lucky potential/new business owner. There are NO STRINGS ATTACHED to this one, friends. No lengthy assignment, no essay on why you think you should win it, and definitely no purchase necessary. I think one of the smartest and most genuine way to promote your business is to in turn promote others, and that is what they are trying to do!

I know for me, when I hear the word “business” I think of accountants or a storefront of some kind. But we aren’t limiting this giveaway to that. Are you an aspiring professional photographer? Did you just start up a booth at your local farmers market? Perhaps you are trying to open up a cupcake shop and could really use a financial boost. Are you a band that needs an awesome banner for your merch table? Want to start a non-profit that will benefit the world around you? The stories and dreams are endless, and we welcome all entries!

So here’s all that you have to do. Visit the Speedy Signs Blog Giveaway Post and click on the link that will take you to the entry form. They are only asking for general information so that if you win, they can contact you. That’s it!