My Simplicity: Raw Honey and Coconut Oil

My Simplicity: Raw Honey and Coconut Oil

Disclaimer: everyone’s skin is different, so what works for me might not work for you and that’s ok! I have a friend who tried raw honey as a cleanser and it made her face really itchy, but oils work just fine. Sometimes it takes a while to figure out just what’s right for you!

Last week I shared with whoever was reading the change in my makeup routine. It was sweet to read some of the comments from my friends on Facebook about how they are happy with how they look as well. It’s nice to look in the mirror and not hate what you see! I’ve had several conversations over the last few weeks about what I use to wash my face. Back when I was making Beard Sauce, I would use a variation of the beardly recipe to use for my own skin, which ended up turning into Broad Sauce. Sidenote: Beard Sauce was a beard oil I created because Daniel has had a huge beard for a decade, and the oil took away the itch and the dandruff. It also made it look good and smell nice too. It was an all natural product with no synthetic ingredients, and I also created a female version for a total body oil cleanse. It was a magical product. Due to buying a house, finding out we were pregnant and me planning on started to informally home school Abe, we decided to close up the Beard/Broad Sauce shop. Ending the business was a hard/sad decision, but if it was going to continue to grow, it would have required way more out of me than I was willing to give. However, it was a fantastic experience and so much fun!

I’ve been oil cleansing for over two years now, and I don’t think I can ever go back to store bought facial cleansers. I’ve used all kinds of variations and recipes to clean my face and hydrate my skin, but if I’m feeling lazy and don’t really want to pull out the beakers and syringes, I just spoon a blob of coconut oil in a little dish and use that to wash my face.

Recently, I’ve read several things on washing your face with raw honey. It seemed like a great idea, and I’m always looking for something new to try. You do have to be careful, though, about what you try on your face. I read this one thing about using coffee grounds on your face, but after a little more research, it turned out to be more harmful than helpful, as coffee grounds are too rough and can cut your skin.

I use regular and raw honey for all kinds of things in the kitchen, and I’ve never had any kind of reaction to it. In fact, local honey has always helped me with my allergies. The stuff, especially in its raw form, is filled with antiviral, anti-fungal and antibacterial properties, and is also considered a superfood. The “grit” in raw honey didn’t seem too harsh, but more like the feel of sugar.

I decided to try it out about a month ago. I put a small amount of organic raw honey (Trader Joe’s Brand) in a tiny bowl and took it into the bathroom. I ran the water so that it would get warm, but didn’t wet my face. I rubbed the honey onto my face the same as one would use a regular cleanser. and it was thick and exfoliating. I had to quickly dab my hand under the water to dilute the honey a little bit so it would spread better. Ladies- this simple process felt so good. After washing my face for a minute, I rinsed off the honey with just my hands and the warm water, and then pat-dried my face with a towel. I could tell immediately that my face felt tighter and very smooth, but not at all dry. I looked in the mirror and noticed my skin seemed just a smidgen lighter as well.

So far, raw honey leaves my face feeling better than anything I’ve ever used before. I’ve been cleansing with it for about a month now, alternating with the coconut oil every now and then (especially if I have the honey bee foundation and mascara on), because the coconut oil is way better at makeup removal than the honey is. I also don’t wash my face everyday, for two reasons: 1) I’m lazy and 2) it’s not necessary if you’re not stripping your face of its natural oils with store bought cleanser. Before I started using natural methods to cleanse, my face would get SO OILY only a mere few hours after I’d washed and pampered it. I found out several years ago that the reason that was happening was because the cleansers I was buying off of the Walmart shelves were not only removing bacteria (in a harsh way), but they were also stripping my skin of its natural properties, leaving it to overcompensate by producing more oil, hence the oily skin. Now that I’ve been over two years strong using oils and now raw honey, my face just doesn’t get oily anymore. I mean, it would require me going at least 4 days without washing to start showing signs of oily-ness. But I typically don’t wait that long to wash my face anyway.

So, that’s my current face cleansing routine. It’s cheaper, as a jar of organic raw honey from Trader Joe’s is only $5.99. It runs you about the same as a bottle of cleanser, but you blow through that cleanser way faster than you do the jar of honey. I don’t have to buy any moisturizers to make up for the post-wash dry skin, and I don’t have to buy astringent and oil blotting wipes to take away the oily-ness. My routine is so much more simple than it used to be, and in a life that is constantly bombarded by complexities and more stuff, I like all of the simplicity I can get.