May The Fourth Be With You!

I just want to start off by apologizing for my lack of content this week. As you saw in Tuesday’s post, I started watching another 1 year old, and although fun, requiring some adjustments. I now have to play an even bigger puzzle, finding the right place and time in the day for blogging and other responsibilities. It has also been a very trying five days, because Abram has been teething HARDCORE. The poor little guy seems to constantly be in pain, and being 1 doesn’t help. He can’t communicate fully with me on how he feels, and it just makes for very difficult days. This morning he woke up with fluid in his chest and a higher fever than yesterday. Luckily all of the fluid and mucus he’s coughing up and rocket shooting out of his nose is clear. How gross was that? You’re welcome. Today will be a day of breathing treatments, baby tylenol and keeping him as happy as possible.

Thank God Daniel decided to stay home from work today and lend me a helping hand with the little tike. Having him home, regardless of what is happening, always makes for a better day. When I’ve had enough, he can take over. And Abram always seems to listen better when both of us are home.

Anyways, Jude and the Walrus has some pretty neat stuff coming up soon. I’m gonna be featuring some other wonderful writers, putting up some more items on Etsy and hopefully starting a sponsorship program soon. I’m also excited to write about the trip to Guatemala Daniel and I will be taking in November and how you can be a part of that mission!

Well friends, have a great weekend and don’t party too hard for Cinco De Mayo!