March Writing Challenge Day 3: The First Day

This morning in Dale’s sermon, he challenged us to take whatever abilities we have and tell God’s story with them. I’m going to attempt to do that over this next month. This is the beginning of however I end up telling this story, and it came out quickly. Almost TOO quick. A part of me felt lame because it isn’t some long, saturated piece with incredible imagery. But I keep going over it, and something keeps telling me to leave it alone. So, that I will do. Like a friend said to me last week, “…but then I remembered scripture talking about how even nature praises God. So, I’m not bummed out that’s it’s easy to write a song that worships Him.” I don’t think this will be a song, but more of a spoken word. Who knows.

Darker than dark

When there was nothing the eye could see

For there were no human eyes


This is where the first community resided

Three in one

One… Two… Three


And then, there came a gift

It began with a light

Father saw it and thought it good

Day, night.