Making a Fool of the Moon Tonight

Today I want to share with you a song that manages to dig into me on a very deep level like no other song has ever done, as far as I can remember or think of.

I think the reason why I like this song as much as I do is because he manages to put into really ugly, uncomfortable words how I have felt when I’ve had to spend time with my family. The beginning of the chorus, “So bum me a cigarette, buy me a beer til’ I’m happy to be here, happy to be here…” I’m not gonna lie, I’ve felt this very desire on more than one occasion; something to take the edge of rage off so that I can hold myself together.

Family is hard, especially when healthy functionality is smothered out by every despicable action and addiction¬†imaginable. You want to love them, but you can’t help but hate them and feel so broken and lost about that hatred. And then you try and reconcile with Jesus this mess that you feel you have to hold up and carry on your own, even though it’s already been taken care of for you.

I’m getting there.

Disclaimer: there is one cuss word in this song, and it is at the beginning. I know that some of you may find that offensive, and I completely respect and understand that. However, I do challenge you to look past the word and see it in the context of the song and of the story as a whole. Listen to what he is singing, and study his face. Hear his story, whatever it is. Because there are hundreds of these stories around you everyday.