Lavender and Coffee Grounds

Homemade Latte // JATWIt’s sweet, the way the gentle scent of lavender infused with the harsh aroma of coffee grounds in the air hit my nose when I walked in from dropping Daniel and Abram off at work and school. Almost as if the two smells teamed up and said, “We won’t allow her to be down today.” Well, it worked. I feel inspired to create and breath freely. I can’t say it was the same for yesterday, and I don’t know if it will be true for tomorrow, but today… today is fresh, and the fog in my heart has dissipated. My flesh fights to scare my mind into thinking that this cannot last, but my mind tells my flesh to hush. For it knows the truth: happiness very well may fade away, and tomorrow might feel dark. But worrying about that now only turns bitter the sweetness of the lavender and coffee grounds that fill my soul. No, no need to control. Control isn’t mine to dictate time and day with anyway. Contentment, however, is lavishly given to us for the taking.