If Only.

Thorns // J A T W

If we all truly grasped how depraved and crooked we really are, the internet would be a lot quieter. Kinda like a late night dinner with friends of different walks of life, sharing calmly over a bottle of wine.

But instead, the comment threads have become a zoo cage full of monkeys screeching and throwing their own poo at each other. And that poo is lit on fire, so it burns it’s opponents.

I’ve done it. I’m guilty.

I don’t typically like to use “we” in my posts, because I learned a while back that it’s better to only talk about myself when referencing shittiness. But my goodness gracious, folks. What are we doing to each other?

This week it was the whole Word Vision catastrophe. But honestly, it’s something new each month, each week, even each day that we rip each other new ones over. I have lost count of how many times I’ve seen comments this week that involve words aimed to condemn someone else for not showing “love” like they should….wait. WHAT?

How are we not seeing this schizophrenia?

There’s plenty of people out there that have talked about this before, and in much more intelligible ways. I don’t have data or statistics or snapshots of troll’s comments to show you to help me make my point. I guess I’m just trying to flesh this out and figure out what it is that we have become.

I don’t have any answers at the moment because I’m trying to find them myself. But I do speculate that if we are going to get anywhere, we must start setting the fire-poo down and begin pulling the sleep masks off of our own eyes that keep us from seeing how sick our hearts are. Doing a little bit o’ that each day might change the way we see and respond to each other.


This is nothing new.