My Simplicity: Raw Honey and Coconut Oil

My Simplicity: Raw Honey and Coconut Oil

Disclaimer: everyone’s skin is different, so what works for me might not work for you and that’s ok! I have a friend who tried raw honey as a cleanser and it made her face really itchy, but oils work just fine. Sometimes it takes a while to figure out just what’s right for you!

Last week I shared with whoever was reading the change in my makeup routine. It was sweet to read some of the comments from my friends on Facebook about how they are happy with how they look as well. It’s nice to look in the mirror and not hate what you see! I’ve had several conversations over the last few weeks about what I use to wash my face. Back when I was making Beard Sauce, I would use a variation of the beardly recipe to use for my own skin, which ended up turning into Broad Sauce. Sidenote: Beard Sauce was a beard oil I created because Daniel has had a huge beard for a decade, and the oil took away the itch and the dandruff. It also made it look good and smell nice too. It was an all natural product with no synthetic ingredients, and I also created a female version for a total body oil cleanse. It was a magical product. Due to buying a house, finding out we were pregnant and me planning on started to informally home school Abe, we decided to close up the Beard/Broad Sauce shop. Ending the business was a hard/sad decision, but if it was going to continue to grow, it would have required way more out of me than I was willing to give. However, it was a fantastic experience and so much fun!

I’ve been oil cleansing for over two years now, and I don’t think I can ever go back to store bought facial cleansers. I’ve used all kinds of variations and recipes to clean my face and hydrate my skin, but if I’m feeling lazy and don’t really want to pull out the beakers and syringes, I just spoon a blob of coconut oil in a little dish and use that to wash my face.

Recently, I’ve read several things on washing your face with raw honey. It seemed like a great idea, and I’m always looking for something new to try. You do have to be careful, though, about what you try on your face. I read this one thing about using coffee grounds on your face, but after a little more research, it turned out to be more harmful than helpful, as coffee grounds are too rough and can cut your skin.

I use regular and raw honey for all kinds of things in the kitchen, and I’ve never had any kind of reaction to it. In fact, local honey has always helped me with my allergies. The stuff, especially in its raw form, is filled with antiviral, anti-fungal and antibacterial properties, and is also considered a superfood. The “grit” in raw honey didn’t seem too harsh, but more like the feel of sugar.

I decided to try it out about a month ago. I put a small amount of organic raw honey (Trader Joe’s Brand) in a tiny bowl and took it into the bathroom. I ran the water so that it would get warm, but didn’t wet my face. I rubbed the honey onto my face the same as one would use a regular cleanser. and it was thick and exfoliating. I had to quickly dab my hand under the water to dilute the honey a little bit so it would spread better. Ladies- this simple process felt so good. After washing my face for a minute, I rinsed off the honey with just my hands and the warm water, and then pat-dried my face with a towel. I could tell immediately that my face felt tighter and very smooth, but not at all dry. I looked in the mirror and noticed my skin seemed just a smidgen lighter as well.

So far, raw honey leaves my face feeling better than anything I’ve ever used before. I’ve been cleansing with it for about a month now, alternating with the coconut oil every now and then (especially if I have the honey bee foundation and mascara on), because the coconut oil is way better at makeup removal than the honey is. I also don’t wash my face everyday, for two reasons: 1) I’m lazy and 2) it’s not necessary if you’re not stripping your face of its natural oils with store bought cleanser. Before I started using natural methods to cleanse, my face would get SO OILY only a mere few hours after I’d washed and pampered it. I found out several years ago that the reason that was happening was because the cleansers I was buying off of the Walmart shelves were not only removing bacteria (in a harsh way), but they were also stripping my skin of its natural properties, leaving it to overcompensate by producing more oil, hence the oily skin. Now that I’ve been over two years strong using oils and now raw honey, my face just doesn’t get oily anymore. I mean, it would require me going at least 4 days without washing to start showing signs of oily-ness. But I typically don’t wait that long to wash my face anyway.

So, that’s my current face cleansing routine. It’s cheaper, as a jar of organic raw honey from Trader Joe’s is only $5.99. It runs you about the same as a bottle of cleanser, but you blow through that cleanser way faster than you do the jar of honey. I don’t have to buy any moisturizers to make up for the post-wash dry skin, and I don’t have to buy astringent and oil blotting wipes to take away the oily-ness. My routine is so much more simple than it used to be, and in a life that is constantly bombarded by complexities and more stuff, I like all of the simplicity I can get.


Melissa Hawks on Prayer: The Angelic Toxic Waste Dump

Melissa Hawks on Prayer

Melissa Hawks has been a friend of mine for almost two years now. Our friendship spawned because of a crazy thing Jon Acuff decided to do called the Start Experiment (Now Dreamers and Builders), and has grown into a massive community today. I consider her one of my bests, even though we haven’t known each other for a long amount of time. She’s a woman I’ve shared stomach-hurting laughter and deep, grievous tears with. We have both been there for each other during our darkest of days, and have helped pull each other out of the pit. I’ve watched her grow deep and wide, as she’s watched me. Hopefully, this is the first of many guest posts from Melissa. I’ve noticed throughout our friendship that she’s pretty exceptional when it comes to prayer. She is always praying for others, for circumstances, for herself. I wanted her to share with us today about prayer, so that maybe some of that great habit she has will rub off on us. Without further adieu…

   I first learned how to pray when I was a seventeen year old freshman away at college. That may seem odd considering I grew up in a family where ministry was what you were born to rather than a life choice. I learned all about the technicalities of moaning and groaning and prayer journeys and prayer meetings and prostrating yourself before His face before I could walk. But I learned how to pray at the age of seventeen from a middle-aged professor named Jim Sleeva.

Sleeva is a legend amidst those who sat under his tutelage at the small Christian college I attended. I was never quite sure whether he liked or approved of me; he was hard to read. Back then I was a pretty great at following the rules, but beneath it all I knew the truth. A wild heart beat it’s irregular rhythm within my chest. There was a rumor that Sleeva had x-ray vision like Superman so I knew he could probably see my wild heart too. He reminded me of how I had always pictured Jesus. I couldn’t imagine that Jesus (or Sleeva, if he could see them) would approve of all my thoughts. But, I was pretty well versed in Scripture and I knew Jesus had made quite a name for himself by being nice to the sex workers and women caught in adultery, so I figured maybe at some point he (and Sleeva) might find it in their holy hearts to like me too.

Here’s what I learned from Sleev about praying:  you don’t have to be fancy. He never used grandiose words, or elaborate repetitive phrasings. He spoke exactly like he would speak to anyone else. He would close his eyes, get a giant ridiculous grin on his face and say, “Hey, Jesus. Thanks for these kids here and this beautiful sunny day you gave us to enjoy. You knew exactly what we needed after the last two weeks of storms and rain. Touch my friend Juan, who has the flu and heal his body. Show us how we can love You, each other, those we meet, better. You’re the coolest, Jesus. (because Sleeva was kind of a hippie) Amen. He would finish his prayer and you would think, “yeah. That dude knows Jesus.”

That’s when I learned how to pray.

The whole idea of “pray without ceasing” always seemed overwhelming and and a bit dramatic to me. Until I came to understand that my prayers are just me talking to God. About stuff. All the things. And that’s what I do. When I stopped trying to force my prayers to fit into a certain time frame of a half hour first thing in the morning or an hour before bed (yeah, that never happened), and I just began to start talking to God throughout the day whenever life happened, that’s when relationship formed. That’s when it became like breathing.

That sounds hard, right? Does it sound a little painful? It’s easy. It’s part of being mindful about how you are feeling and what you are thinking. If I notice a sunset or I’m so angry at something that has occurred. I acknowledge those feelings and turn them into a conversation with God. “Thank you for that glorious sunset, God” or “I’m so freakin’ pissed right now, God.” It’s a good habit to get into because it also makes me more in tune with His voice. When I am communicating with Him, I also take more time to listen.

Don’t self-edit your prayers. He’s God. He can handle the real you. I swear in my prayers, because sometimes I swear in real life. The first time I did this was right after I filed for divorce. I was in my car alone and the weight of it all was burying me. I couldn’t breathe; it was too much. I started to pour it all out and with it came a whole heap of language that I knew the community I was raised around wouldn’t have approved of. Between the “Oh, Jesus’s” and the “@#$&” my car was being turned into an angelic toxic waste dump. But He’s GOD. He can handle it. He can handle me. And I reverence Him enough to be real with Him. It doesn’t take away from the sacredness of our conversation, it adds validity to it. I am not hiding from Him.

The intimacy that comes with this kind of relationship with God has some great benefits. It teaches you to live with less fear. I have become less afraid of the dark because the Light is always with me. It also becomes easier to recognize dark things because you are accustomed to living your life in the light. You know immediately when you take an action that you shouldn’t. You learn to love people better, forgive faster, and that God doesn’t fit into any of our boxes we try to shove Him into.

I’m continually learning how to be in relationship with Him. How to trust. How to quit trying to tell Him how my story should be written. I’m so damn bossy. And He is patient, loving, and keeps redeeming me and my story. My prayer of late for my own life has been this, “I trust you to complete that which concerns me.” It’s been the ultimate way of me letting go and leaving it in His hands. Because here is the truth my prayers have taught me…

He is God. He is trustworthy and He is good. And even on the worst days…that is enough.

I DIY-ed: Leather Strap Wall Clock

DIY Leather Strap Wall Clock

I’ve had a sudden pop of super-strength energy in the last week, which I’m assuming is the nesting phase kicking in. I hate the word nesting- I don’t know why. It just grosses me out. I prefer to call it “home preparing.” But whatever, I’ve just got a ton of energy and the strongest desire to get my house as clean and decorated as possible before Emery arrives.

We haven’t had much money to spare this summer for house projects, which is probably for the best. I’ve had a lot of purging to do, and it’s better that I get that out of the way before I spend money on adding new stuff into our space. It’s crazy to me that last October, we had a massive yard sale before we moved, and it felt like we got rid of an entire house full of stuff. However, since we’ve moved, we can certainly stand to have yet another yard sale. It’s embarrassing how much stuff I’m capable of collecting without realizing it. More stuff -> The need for more control -> More Stress. I want to have more balance in that area.

I’ve seen tutorials online for this particular wall clock that I’ve wanted to make for a while, but have just set aside mentally for when I go to ikea, because it required an ikea clock. We have no clocks in our house, other than the digital one on our stove and the ones on our phones, but I always manage to talk myself out of buying a clock. The clocks I end up liking are way too expensive and I can never justify the purchase. The other day I was at Big Lots looking for all-metal bull dog clips (it was the fifth store in Lake City that didn’t have them), and I found this clock that I got really excited about. It was only $15 and perfect to use for that tutorial I found, so I grabbed it. The tut calls for a leather belt, but I found this really cool leather strap thing at goodwill for $3. Judging by the clasps at both ends, it was probably for a purse. I didn’t even bother to look and see how they attached the leather to the clock, and went ahead and just bought a pack of super glue at Harbor Freight for $1.99.

Leather Strap Wall Clock

DIY Leather Strap Wall Clock

DIY Leather Strap Wall Clock

In total, this project cost me $20. Not bad! Especially since the elements are to my liking. At first I wasn’t sure about the white on white, so I tried painting the numbers black. But, since I have the steady hand and coordination of a T-Rex, I washed the paint off and just went with how it came. I think it looks great up on our wall! The super glue worked immediately, but I let it sit for a few minutes just to be careful. I glued the belt up to the 10 and the 2, which seems to be about right.

What house projects have you been into lately?