Photobooth Friday!

If there is any one thing most people can agree on, it’s that photobooth never gets old. I’ll be cleaning today, so I don’t have much time to talk. But I wanted to give you something to laugh about, so here ya go!


Springy Thingys.

New stuff up on etsy! Some light spring accessories that will add the perfect touch to that cute outfit or that crazy hair. You can find these here, or just click on that etsy button over on the right side of my page. If you simply like the way they look, show some love and pin them on pinterest!


I was covered in godzilla mosquitoes while doing this little photo shoot. DEDICATION!

Workin’ Girl.

Today is a neat day because I get to work with Daniel! (Yes, I just used the word “neat”)

Daniel works for, which is a company that offers online solutions for the sign industry. They provide services for businesses like, which is the largest online sign company in the world. They also have there own signage brands, like I’ve had the pleasure of hanging out in their warehouse/offices which are located in Lake City. The atmosphere is energetic and motivating, and the people are wonderful. There is a spirit of encouragement and productivity in the air, and employees get rewarded and praised for doing a good job. From what I’ve observed and what Daniel is experiencing, this isn’t a place where your working dreams go to die. The more initiative you show, the more responsibility you get and the higher you move up. It sounds like the perfect place to work!

Due to the election season, Daniel and his marketing superiors need some extra man (or in my case, WOMAN power) to get research and find candidate information for all the counties in the country. Daniel offered my help, and I am excited to say that they gladly received his offer! I get to work part time with ma man on Wednesday, calling government offices and working my magic. The rest of the days of the week I get to work from home! They are going to have me set up a phone that I can use to make the calls, and I essentially get to be my own boss. Now I can play with Abram all day, and still be able to contribute to our family income. I get paid per call, so I choose how many calls I make a day. Or perhaps Abram chooses how many calls I make…. haha.

It feels good to be able to do this for my family. I’ve realized over the past few months that my etsy shop/blog is not something that happens over night, and it is going to take a great deal of hard work and dedication to getting it off the ground and see a profit come of it. This opportunity gives me the chance to make some money in the meantime, and also gives me the flexibility to work on the things I am passionate about. Back when Daniel and I got married, we talked about what I would do when we had a child. We committed to decision of me staying home with our child until he/she goes to school. Well, our plan was not to have a baby for at least 4 years. HA. Clearly our plan was squashed, and God had a different one. We were not financially ready for Abram to come, and so the temptation was to go back on our commitment and have me work. But at the end of the day, we knew that our commitment was God inspired and that we needed to have faith that God would provide.

Abram will be a year old next month. Every bill has been paid, every meal has been eaten and the gas tank was full enough to get us where we needed to go. A lot of sacrifices were made, but the decision to stay home with Abram has been an incredible one, and we have been completely taken care of. I feel like this opportunity for extra income is just an incredible blessing and a reward for all the times I didn’t give in to the attractive idea of getting a “real” job.

Don’t you just hate when people talk like being a mom isn’t a real job?

Oooh, that just burns my biscuits.