May The Fourth Be With You!

I just want to start off by apologizing for my lack of content this week. As you saw in Tuesday’s post, I started watching another 1 year old, and although fun, requiring some adjustments. I now have to play an even bigger puzzle, finding the right place and time in the day for blogging and other responsibilities. It has also been a very trying five days, because Abram has been teething HARDCORE. The poor little guy seems to constantly be in pain, and being 1 doesn’t help. He can’t communicate fully with me on how he feels, and it just makes for very difficult days. This morning he woke up with fluid in his chest and a higher fever than yesterday. Luckily all of the fluid and mucus he’s coughing up and rocket shooting out of his nose is clear. How gross was that? You’re welcome. Today will be a day of breathing treatments, baby tylenol and keeping him as happy as possible.

Thank God Daniel decided to stay home from work today and lend me a helping hand with the little tike. Having him home, regardless of what is happening, always makes for a better day. When I’ve had enough, he can take over. And Abram always seems to listen better when both of us are home.

Anyways, Jude and the Walrus has some pretty neat stuff coming up soon. I’m gonna be featuring some other wonderful writers, putting up some more items on Etsy and hopefully starting a sponsorship program soon. I’m also excited to write about the trip to Guatemala Daniel and I will be taking in November and how you can be a part of that mission!

Well friends, have a great weekend and don’t party too hard for Cinco De Mayo!

Trains vs Roller Coasters

The month of April came and went like Mary Poppins on her dang umbrella. It happened wayyy too fast. Daniel and I were in a wedding and we also had Abram’s big first birthday party to put on. Those were just extras added on to our normal busy lives, and I must confess that we did not eat very well. The month consisted of pizzas and whatever we could find that was the fastest to grab and consume.

I had many headaches last month.

May has nothing major planned, and we’ve both decided to be better with the time that we have. That being said, we are trying to get back on the health train. Abram and I went to the produce market on Monday and did some grocery shopping, and that picture up there is what we left with.

I really enjoy shopping for fruits and veggies because I feel so refreshed just from picking them out. They are colorful and vibrant and smell like the earth. I know, when I’m gently putting them in my cart, that these life-savers will make me feel so good when I eat them.

That’s the thing though. I have to eat them.┬áMy hand has to bypass the cheese in the refrigerator and grab the apple or cucumber. I actually have to cut them up and put them in my mouth. But then the left over hot dogs from the party would be sad because I wasn’t giving them any attention.

Getting back on track is so hard, and at first seems impossible. And that goes for everything. I was always told that it takes 21 days to build a habit or a routine, and so far that has held true. What sucks is that you work hard for those three weeks and feel like you’ve arrived. Then one night you decide to reward yourself with a piping hot pizza, a Vanilla Porter and some M&M’s. You then make an excuse to eat a candy bar and some bacon the next day, and then a doughnut at church on Sunday… and by Monday it’s all gone to crap. Might as well eat that bowl of cereal and that piece of cheese for breakfast instead of turning on your juicing and drinking super juice.

Now that your food choices have spiraled out of control, you’ve got a headache. Your body is achy, and your kid is driving you crazy (or your finals have stripped you of your last bit of humanity and you have become the walking dead). Might as well skip the workout. It’ll be fine. You’ll do it tomorrow. But you don’t.

Sound familiar?

Sound like the roller coaster of health you’ve ridden too many times?

Sigh. I’m tired of it, aren’t you? I just want to eat right. I just want to work out even when I don’t feel like it. For a while, I was overcoming discouragement and using it to fuel the fire that burns the calories. Encouragement was coming from left and right. The food I was putting in my body was strengthening me to great accomplishments. I was working out everyday, and dropping the pounds left and right.

But that dang April.

As tempting as it is, I refuse to let this hiccup in health ruin the whole thing. God has worked too much on me to be a quitter. I’m getting off of the roller coaster and back onto the nice and steady train. Those fruits and veggies up there need to get all ate up. Mostly because it’s good for me, but also mostly because they don’t come cheap.

There is too much at stake each day to not be optimizing our energy with the best foods and the healthiest work outs.

Let’s have a conversation about this. Let’s keep each other accountable.