cilantro and pepper plants

Weekend Review: A Summer Saturday

I had such a summery Saturday that I just felt I needed to share it with you through pictures. It started out with orange cranberry muffins, involved the farmers market, planting herbs and veggies, and ended with a great 3-year-old birthday party at the park. It involved copious amounts of family time, a shark movie, and watermelon. How much more summer can you get? I’m finding that as an adult, some of the warmest, most satisfying moments are the ones that are nostalgic and simple.

How was your weekend? What was your favorite part about it?



Yum: Sunny Goats & Sweet Grape Sammy

My friend Genie said something to me once that I did not realize held so much truth until that very moment when she said it: “You love a sandwich.” It’s true. I really, REALLY love a sandwich. If I owned a sandwich shop, I would name every sandwich something ridiculous like that. Why not? It’s fun and it makes me smile. Reminds me of Tom Haverford. But I digress. Here we have something I came up with months ago on accident, and it is probably one of my favorite sandwiches ever. I’m not a huge recipe person, but I do like to share some of the goodies I stumble upon while in the kitchen. So I present to you the Sunny Goats and Sweet Grape Sammy. It will require a Panini Press, but you can substitute a non-stick pan for the “pressing” portion of the process.

What you’ll need

2 slices of whole wheat bread

1 large egg

Grape Jelly

Goat Cheese (spreadable or crumbled)

Fry your egg first. While your egg is frying, spread your goat cheese on one piece of bread and your grape jelly on the other.

Remove the egg from the pan while the top of the egg is still uncooked. Don’t worry though! The next step will ensure a cooked egg. Top the egg and jelly-covered piece of bread with the cheese-smothered piece, and set it on your Panini Press.

This happened on accident (or shall we call it an EGG-cident) and I thought it was hilarious. The sandwich grew a hand. I hope this happens to you.

Remove the sandwich when you are satisfied with it’s cooked state. I cooked mine for about 4 1/2 minutes, and the egg was perfect. Not overcooked, but firm enough to keep me from gagging. The goat cheese and jelly turn into this pastry like filling that blankets the egg so wonderfully.

And there you have the Sunny Goats & Sweet Grape Sammy. Eat, and be satisfied.

If you wanna get all sassy, use a spicy jam. It gives the sandwich quite a punch in the taste buds.

Happy Friday!



5 Minutes to Fresh Ideas

Coming up with topics to write about can be difficult, especially if you are your own boss. You want to feel good about what you are writing, and you want others to be inspired by it as well. Sometimes I feel like when I talk to people about my blog, they have the idea that what I am doing is silly and unimportant. I get the “that doesn’t really take much work” type of vibe.

It couldn’t be any further from the truth. Sure I’m not sitting down and sculpting a perfect piece in iambic pentameter. But what I write matters, because I love to do it. And the same goes for you too, in whatever field your passions draw you to.

I read this great blog post today by Creative Arts Pastor Stephen Brewster on the 16 habits of Creativity, and it inspired me to do a little exercise. I got out my good ‘ol pen and notepad, and started a 5 minute countdown on my iphone stop watch. I then wrote down as many ideas as I could think of, and had to stop when the five minutes were up.

Sounds simple, but the race to beat the clock actually purged from my mind some great idea. And it felt good to get them all down, even if some of them weren’t really all that special. The point of the exercise was to get the brain going and the creative juices flowing. Sometimes that is all it takes to create one smashing result that effects a great number of people.

Whether you write, create D.I.Y. tutorials, watch kids all day or take fantastic photos, this is a great exercise. It will get your day going and give you the motivation you need to be your creative and original self!