Thrifty Thursday: Jackpot

I wish I could justifiably describe in words how successful my thrift store trip was on Tuesday. For starters, Abram and Maggie had a wonderful time treasure hunting with me. They enjoyed holding and exploring each goodie that I would place in the cart, and neither of them insisted on getting down. We were probably in the House of Bargains for a solid hour, or maybe more, and they were just two happy little babes. Each room had so many treasures that I barely had to dig! In fact, there were many things I had to put back, like an antique Free-Westinghouse sewing machine and a gorgeous blue typewriter. Ok ok, enough… here’s what I found!

Yep. Those are tap shoes. And they were the perfect size. It’s one of those finds that you pick up and say to yourself, “I can’t NOT get these.” This is going to sound ridiculous, but I love a tap shoe. In fact, when I was 6 I took tap dance lessons, and was even in a production. Ever since then, the little girl in me has wanted to be a tap dancer. So maybe these shoes were a sign that the time has finally come. Or maybe not. But regardless, I have some cute tap shoes! That scarf was mad cute, and I remember my tap dance instructor always wearing a scarf on her ankle, so I bought this one. It will probably spend most of it’s time on my head.

I’m not a hundred percent sure what this piece of luggage is used for, but I’ve been looking for something like this for a while. I’ve needed something that matches a suitcase that I have that can hold all my toiletries. Now I don’t have to use a plastic zip lock!

I don’t feel I need to give a proper explanation for these other than I would never let these continue to sit in a thrift store upon seeing them. They were each a quarter and almost too good to be true. I actually gasped when I saw the deer.

Baggy, floral tube top! All of those words together sounds like the most hideous thing but it’s actually real cute.

Unfortunately we could not find the cookie tin that this lid belonged too but it was so pretty that I had to snag it. I will probably hang it over the coffee bar in our kitchen.

“….barfs from shock and excitement…” is what I almost did when I found this in a box that I technically wasn’t even supposed to go through. This is a First Edition Nancy Drew Mystery, and also one of my all time favorite books. Just typing that gets the hair on my arms standing up and my tear ducts ready for waterfall. When I was a child, I would disappear for days inside Nancy Drew’s world of detective work. One of my good friends, Sarah, also loved Nancy as much as myself and we would spend summer days pretending to solve mysteries just like her. This is so special to me.

Everything about Hawaii is awesome. The fact that Rosemary Clooney is on the Country Spectacular Record sold itself, and I will never pass up a Loretta Lynn gem.

This shirt is ugly, I can see that. But when I picked it up, I was able to look past what it is now and picture what it could be. I think I will take the width in and then sew it to a skirt to make a dress. I love the collar.

I thought this vintage pillow case was just me. I mean look at those colors.

I have no idea what brand this bowl is or when it was made. Doesn’t have any marks on it, and it could’ve been made last year. But judging by the color… well who cares. I wanted it. It’s my favorite color forever and always.

Hey there cute, vintage napkins. Wanna come home with me? Yes? Oh, well then lets go! What’s that? You want me to make you into some head scarfs? You read my mind!

Blogging about this thrifting experience was almost as fun as actually doing it!



Hey There Cute Hair: Summer Waves

So a few weeks ago some friends asked us if we wanted to go get Mexican for Cinco de Mayo, and of course we could not resist. I only had a few minutes to get ready, so blow drying and styling my hair was out of the question. I popped on a headband and ended up tucking all of my hair into it like a chignon. Later that evening when I took it off, I had an AWESOME body wave and perfectly straightened bangs. Of course then the light bulb turned on, and I decided to do a little hair tutorial for all ya’ll. You’re going to need a thick headband, as shown below. This way of giving waves to your hair is best done before bed and slept on. You can also take the blow dryer to it, which works just fine. The results, either way, will gives your tresses perfect summer waves, beautiful bangs and a break from the curling iron/straightener.

It’s ok if some of your hair falls out from the final wrap, because this is a more laid back hair style anyway. All I added to the finished style was a tiny amount of smoothing serum (I’m known to get some mad strays). Here’s another picture of a time I did it at work. My hair turned out so perfectly smooth and wavy!

Have fun and look good!

Jessica Ferreira painting

Severing Strings

I am bubbling with joy right now because today will be the first time I feature a guest writer/past-blogger/artist. My best friend, Jessica Ferreira, is an incredible human being with a heart that outweighs gold. We met in 6th grade, when she was heavily into her Spice Girl phase and I was only about some Hanson. She moved back to Venezuela for 7th grade, and I thought I’d never see her again. One day after school in 8th grade, I saw her standing by a wall and had to go and talk to her! The rest is history. Our friendship has cultivated and grown since then, with hilarious highs and barren lows. We get through. She is a fighter, in every sense of the word, and is a walking bottle of creativity. Today she will be sharing with us a work of art that comes from the deepest depths of her soul. Vulnerability has not always been her strong suit, but her journey to transparency is in full swing and one can only be bettered by everything she has to give.

Megan and I have been good friends for a very long time. And by a very long time I mean long enough for us to know that when a Saturday has clear blue skies and is slightly breezy, we both text each other saying, “It’s a BK Kinda Day.”

Yes, Burger King. Don’t judge.

When she asked me to guest blog for her, I was very honored, but skeptical at what I would talk about since “writer” is not the first thing I describe myself as. But alas, it is something I like to do.

When she asked me to write something for her, I got the notion from God to talk about a painting I did a little less than a year ago. The notion was more like a nudge to finally present this piece to others, even though it brings up a lot of roughness in my life.

I don’t have a name for this painting. Yet.

I don’t even know where to begin explaining it really.

However, I can tell you I painted it because I had to release what was going on inside of me. And for me, painting is the only way I know how to do that.

The months before this painting was made had brought about a relationship I had no idea would change my life. I had invested all of me into a person whom I had, at first, genuinely befriended and loved in Christ. As the time passed, however, my needs, along with theirs, became tangled in long strings of attachment; emotionally, physically, mentally, even spiritually. Those strings became thicker and harder to sever, becoming chords that bungeed as we so desperately tried to run the opposite direction. Because of those needs, we saw in each other a glimpse of mutual and unconditional love; a love that stemmed from Godly pursuit, but became twisted enough to make us believe it was all we had.

Satan is very good at doing that.

When things began to unravel (thank God) because of conviction, my life felt like the perpetual walls were caving in. In retrospect, they were actually scales falling off of my eyes.

I saw the strings that we all naturally possess. Strings that, at their proper use, are to be united for healthy relationships, with guidance from the Holy Spirit. But my strings (my needs) became connected through my selfish gain, causing not only hurt and doubt for me, but also rapture and pain in a once beautiful, unfortunately short-lived, friendship.

I wanted love and to be loved, and so I gave my needs away, letting the strings wrap around someone who was never intended to hold on so tightly.

When I started the painting, I had a very difficult time. I had to revive the pain so that it could reach the surface enough to be purged out. After a while, and after staring at it for longer than I care to admit, the lines began to flow, the colors began to emerge, and the feeling of release was finally peeking it’s way through.

The white lines around the figures are our natural, God given needs to reach out and be loved and love fervently. The colorful chords are the ones that had been attached, intense in color and strength but damaging in all ways. However, by the immeasurable Grace of God and the Cross, he severed them.

You may be dealing with issues similar to mine. Problems that are aroused by the need we all have to feel wanted and needed, but going about them the wrong way. We may have the idea that if we love someone enough, and they love us in return, they are capable of fixing us, whatever we may need fixing in our lives.

Listen friends, we are but humans, incapable of rescuing each other from the depths of turmoil. We fail at that because we are fallen. We must continually seek Jesus in order to even border the line of servant-hood and love He walked along so passionately. And Jesus did it because he knew what the Father wanted: dependance on Him. Not dependance on his disciples who loved him, not the crowds who sought him out; not even the idea of just, for one moment, taking in what this world had to offer.

He attached himself to the only source that had the power to revive him in the darkest of times, even if those times were lonely.

It doesn’t matter who or what you love, but a matter of the heart. It is not whether you are in need of something or feel you are attracted to someone, in the right binds of marriage or if are a loving father, mother, sister, son orĀ  daughter. It is where you put them in your heart that you must be aware of.

So my encouragement is this: Be honest with yourselves. It leads to truth. Be honest with where you put people in your life. When you do that, and you realize that there may be a person that has become a chasm between you and God, just hand that to Him, for He alone can handle it. Not you. Not the other person.

I also encourage you to find ways to release these sometimes unspoken emotions. From the talents we have, the times we use to exercise, to even being vulnerable with someone; it can all lead you to a path of awareness.

God knows the ins and outs of your deepest longing. Depend on it. You are worth it.