I am a Whisper.



Thank you for this majestic display of how small I am.

If this field is a mere speck of dust compared to the vastness of Your creation, then I must only be a whisper.

And yet, You choose to call this whisper Your beloved.

I fight, struggle and kick to push away, and this piece of land obeys your every command without question.

But it’s me that You call child, while this beautiful pasture will die during winter’s season.

I’ll never understand it, but I’ll breath it in and let it fill my lungs and let it push out the mess that keeps me from breathing.

And I’ll surrender it all.

You Memorize Me.

Today has started off pretty weird. I woke up to two sets of great news, and two sets of terrible news. One being that 8 students from the high school in my town got into a car accident last night. One of them died, and the rest are in critical condition (as far as I know). Many of you know that myself and a group of leaders are going to Catalyst this week (because of my constant, insistent Facebook statuses that people help us out with tickets). All of our tickets were provided for as of early this morning.

It makes me feel ridiculous, amongst tragedy and the loss of a young life, that I was worried all last week about how we were gonna make it to the conference.

Beard Sauce was able to sell 55 bottles in four days, allowing us to be able to release at least 2 Christmas Scents in November.

Oh, and the government is in shutdown.

It’s just like- what the hell is happening? What is the right thing to be feeling right now?

My heart is so broken over these high school students, their families and friends, and all of the teachers effected (if you talk to Jesus, please stop and say a prayer right now).

But I feel grateful at the good news about how things have been provided for, and complete apathy towards our government and how corrupt everything is.

And if any of this makes me sound like a complete B-hole, I’m so sorry. I’m just trying to process my morning, and figure out what’s best for the rest of the day.

This is a song that comforts me on weird days like this. I don’t know even know me or know what’s happening around me, but I know that my creator does.

YouTube Preview Image

October always love a Change.

Every year around the beginning of October, when it’s time to go to Catalyst, Daniel or I (or both of us at the same time) ends up with a new job situation. This year it’s my turn.

I know I haven’t been hanging out in this blog for a while (4 months actually), and there’s been so much going on. It was quite a summer… definitely one for the books.

A series of small events led me to make a silly video, and that silly video and the people who got behind it raised us enough money to start a business based around a product I created called Beard Sauce. I also started working at Starbucks this past June, and the call to community living through my church got louder this summer as well.

It’s been nuts. Like 4-hours-of-sleep-a-night nuts. It’s been the most living I’ve ever done. Like real, going beyond all the doubts and fears I’ve always had, shouting out of freedom and sleeping when your dead kinda living. I’ve had some pretty painful downtimes as well, but those were every bit a part of the living.

So whats next for me, huh?

Well, some of you will be happy to hear that I will have more time to devote to Jude and the Walrus again, as today was my last day serving coffee at Starbucks. My full time job will basically be Beard Sauce, finishing my album and hanging out with the people that are placed in my life. I’m gonna need a platform to write about it all as it happens, and this blog is where that will take place.

I know I’m not a terribly consistent person. I just like to do EVERYTHING, but I’m learning how to hone in on a few things at a time and finish stuff with excellence.

This blog isn’t finished yet, though. I feel like we’ve got years to cultivate this bad boy.