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Hey There Cute Hair: Summer Waves

So a few weeks ago some friends asked us if we wanted to go get Mexican for Cinco de Mayo, and of course we could not resist. I only had a few minutes to get ready, so blow drying and styling my hair was out of the question. I popped on a headband and ended up tucking all of my hair into it like a chignon. Later that evening when I took it off, I had an AWESOME body wave and perfectly straightened bangs. Of course then the light bulb turned on, and I decided to do a little hair tutorial for all ya’ll. You’re going to need a thick headband, as shown below. This way of giving waves to your hair is best done before bed and slept on. You can also take the blow dryer to it, which works just fine. The results, either way, will gives your tresses perfect summer waves, beautiful bangs and a break from the curling iron/straightener.

It’s ok if some of your hair falls out from the final wrap, because this is a more laid back hair style anyway. All I added to the finished style was a tiny amount of smoothing serum (I’m known to get some mad strays). Here’s another picture of a time I did it at work. My hair turned out so perfectly smooth and wavy!

Have fun and look good!

Summer Faves

I love summer so much. Some would say that winter, being the season that gets Christmas, is the most nostalgic season. Growing up in Miami, winters meant nothing for me, because it never dipped below 50 degrees (and that was pushing it). Summer was what I looked forward to all year, because it meant that it was time to play. I still look forward to summer as an adult, even though I don’t get to experience the anticipation of the last day of school, or a two week paid summer vacation from work. The heat, the aromas in the air, and the overall theme of childhood that swirls around me for those glorious three months is the best. So my favorite things about summer are:















So what are your favorite things about summer?

Week Review: Not So Bad

I know at the beginning of the week I mentally prepared myself to intentionally not get stressed. It turned out not to be that bad at all! I got so much done on Monday and Tuesday, that the rest of the week kinda just came together. There were some hiccups, not gonna lie. Yesterday our power went out for almost three hours, and Abram had a melt down. But all in all, I think it was a success! I could barely get my head on the pillow before I was asleep every night.