A Flat Tire and a Beautiful Wedding.

Photo by Brittany Sullivan

Well our weekend was definitely full of activities! Some good and some bad, but most worth remembering.

Our dear friends JoAnna and Caleb got married on Saturday afternoon, and it was truly a lovely affair.

Anyone remember global guts? Remember the Super Aggro Crag? Getting to that wedding felt like we were climbing that ridiculous thing as 10 year-olds.

It started like this. We planned on making a day trip on Saturday to the wedding, thinking it was only about 3 hours away. We didn’t realize until Friday afternoon that it was going to take nearly 6 hours to get to North Augusta, SC. Very poor planning on our part. So we decided to leave when Daniel got off work Friday evening and stay at a… what? Yes. That’s right. A Super 8.

I know, I know. What was I thinking? Well the pictures online made it look like they had just made some nice updates. And it was only 50 bucks.

Lesson learned.

Anyways, so we are driving to Augusta, GA in our a/c-less luxury volvo, and everything was going real sweet and smooth. Abram passed out early on in the trip, and Daniel and I enjoyed the back roads and conversation. And then…

We had to pull over to look at our directions. Side note: neither of us had (I say had because yesterday we woke up and bought an iphone) smart phones and our GPS doesn’t work in our car. So naturally we printed them off of google maps. Well little did we know that the very spot we pulled over in the middle of pitch-black-creepy-as-hell nowhere was the spot where something was laying in the road that would shred our tire. We started to drive again and heard a really disturbing noise, but in all of Daniel’s high hopes, we just ignored it. Then a few minutes later it sounded like we were driving on metal. Wah Wah.

So we pulled over again, and to our dismay the back right tire had been punctured pretty badly. It was also raining. Not the end of the world, right? Just change that tire and get on outa there, right?

Here’s the kicker: the spare tire was in our trunk. The trunk was jammed shut, and we hadn’t been able to get it open for the past year and a half. Oops.

By this point, it’s 11 pm. Abram is still fast asleep, THANK THE LORD. Daniel calls AAA to see if we can get someone out to open our trunk, but no one does that at almost midnight. He decided to have them send out a tow guy, but we weren’t 100% sure of where we were, and didn’t know what town we just came out of. This is where that smart phone and/or GPS would have really come in handy.

My phone was dying, and Daniel’s phone had disappeared into the abyss of the backseat where toys and cheerios go to die. There are no street lights, we are sitting on a steep slope on the side of the road, semi’s are flying by and there’s a forest full of scary darkness right next to us.

Oh yea, and we are only about 45 minutes outside of Augusta. But the tow guy can only take us 5 miles for free and then it’s an arm and a leg for each additional mile.

The poor man eventually found us.

Abram is STILL sleeping. Through all of the noise, flashing lights and the transfer from the car to the cab of the tow truck.

The guy takes us five miles up to a gas station in Wrens, GA where the hero Michael Massey swoops in with his Prius rental and takes us safely to our fabulous, 4 star hotel room. By this time it is 2 in the morning, and Abram is fully awake and ready to play. He jumps on the bed as Daniel and I get settled in, realizing that our room is disgusting. Even though I specified non-smoking, someone had clearly smoked the weed and cigarettes previously. The room felt like the deep rainforests of South America, and the a/c had to be turned down to 62 for it to even cut on.

Abram didn’t fall asleep until about 5 in the morning, and then woke up at 7:45. Man, the feeling I had at that point was similar to that feeling you get at 1:27 in the morning after your second day at Rock the Universe on the trek back to your smelly church bus. Times 10.

I bathed my son in the sink because this was the one hotel room on the planet that didn’t have a bathtub. I also had high hopes for my attire and hair that day, but it just was not going to happen. Vanity flies out of the window when you just gotta get stuff done. Daniel called numerous locksmiths to see if they could help, and none of them responded well. The last locksmith Daniel called was so helpful, and since we couldn’t afford his prices he told us what to do.


Julianna, hero #2, picked us up and took us back to Wrens where Daniel spent about 2 minutes with the magical lube and a hammer and got the dang thing open. HALLELUJAH.

We quickly ate, changed, and made our way to the wedding with about 2 minutes to spare. From then on, it was smooth sailing. JoAnna looked incredible, and the ceremony was a gracious display of the gospel.

The reception was in a beautiful barn house. It was a great time reuniting with friends, eating delicious treats and taking all of the funny pictures. Abram had an adventurous time with everyone, and especially enjoyed being one of the guys. A bunch of us ate at Mellow Mushroom afterwards, and I inhaled one of the best gosh darn pizzas of my life.

Our mecca home was nothing less than sticky and exhausting, and we all slept until 10:30 yesterday morning. Thank you Abram.

As frustrating as the trip was at certain points, I wouldn’t have had it any other way. Just a few more hilarious stories under our belt to reminisce over when we are once again reunited with the people we love so much.

Anyone got pictures from Saturday? Feel free to share them in my comments.

Quotes and Tweets: It’s Been a Funny Year.


Yes. I love it. I LOVE IT!

Quotes are some of my favorite things in the world to read and reminisce over. I used to be really good at recording and keeping track of them in my phone or on my twitter, But I’ve really been slacking lately. I still got some good ones though, but not many. So this post is going to feature quotes AND favorite tweets that have been in my life over the past year. Enjoy!

“If I’m going to be in the hospital, then I’m going to watch as much trashy reality tv as possible.” – what I said the day before Abram was born

“Anyone who starts talking about ‘the next one’ referring to a baby is going to get punched in the mouth.” – what I said the day after Abram was born

“Well, I’m gonna chalk this up to being awake.” – Daniel 4 days after Abram was born

RT @jonacuff: you know, Jewel used to live in a van. #thingspeoplesaidconstantlyinthe90s

“They might take a dump in the backyard like a golden retriever, but they are not the same thing.” – Matt Chandler on children

RT @benpatat: I’m eating the most worst foods for me. I love to eat bad foods for me.

“Sounds racist.” – My mothers response to me telling her about the high quality recordings of natural white noise that soothes Abram

“You’ve offended me so much today.” – Daniels response to my disdain for sloppy joes and Ice Age

“There are some setbacks to being poor… mainly it’s being poor.” – Daniel

“Babe, you know how I feel about pooping in a place predominantly occupied by women.” – Daniel

“Man, they’ve been beefin’ for a good minute.” – Robert Bartley on the Arabs and Jews

“Ma mama told me to eat ma garbage.” – passerby in downtown Miami

“Oh, so you want me to buy ya’ll some panties?” – another passerby in downtown Miami

“It’s real Snead-y in there.” – Massey on the Snead brothers

“Come over right now and harmonize with me and Eb.” – me to Brett Houston

“Take that free radicals!” – Daniel while eating blueberries

“I just made a 14 pump vanilla latte with 20 raw sugars.” – Julianna Hendrix

RT @sketchism: I wonder if lightning bugs ever see fireworks and think, “man, that dude is awesome.”

Daniel: I thought some of the graphics were lame. Me: well, it was 2005. Daniel: … I’m only ever going to say Jurassic Park. Me: … oh yea.

“I think something just hit me in the bowels.” – Daniel

“I just sliced the most gorgeous turkey for that lady’s sandwich.” – Brie Demott

“I’m gonna need some geometrical proof.” – Daniel referring to someone who might actually need an evangicube to accept Christ

“Sand people are the worst.” – Luke Skywalker

“Sometimes I just gotta caulk somethin.” – Heather Mullins

RT @jimmyrayhancock: You know. Just updating my myspace.

“Our son went from cooing to babbling at 5 am this morning. What a strange time for a developmental milestone.” – Daniel

“Someone dropped a grape on me.” – Jonny Peace

RT @jonacuff: I’m not gonna lie, when I was at focus on the family today, it was really hard for not to sneak off for an adventure in Odyssey.

“Sometimes moms have to take showers.” – me reasoning with Abram

RT @jimgaffigan: being a parent may be thankless but at least the pay is terrible.

“Jeff Foxworthy loves a jean.” – me at Cat2011

RT @michaelishustle: RT @prodigalsam: I’d trust a 300 ft T-Rex with nunchucks before trusting someone who buys cheap toilet paper.

“Dood, I need to split the regions at the transients.” – Daniel speaking a foreign language to John Petty

“She can do a real good Gretchen Wilson.” – man at farmers market

RT @juliannahendrix: “you know that spot in Greer where the road whips around like Talladega?” -@JacobSlawter

RT @benpatat: I had a dream we were all swimming in a creek, and a python came out of nowhere. Then @randalraineycaught it. We cheered.

“This one is such a low flyer.” – Daniel trying to kill a fly

“Thick neckington.” – Matt Fidler’s nickname for Daniel

RT @benpatat: Me: “Kyndal, if I turned into a zombie, would you shoot me?” @kyndalpatat: “Yes. Absolutely.” Me: “That’s my girl.”

“Treat Yo’self 2011!!” – Donna and Tom

RT @michaelishustle: RT @emilykdalton: When you can punch two people, one with each hand, at the same time.. You’re successful.

RT @lukashodge: wrestling fans LOVE flames.

“If you don’t run, then you’ll be gross…” – song I made up for motivation

“The only wattage I know of is the 1.21 of the jigga kind.” – Jessica Ferreira

” I just towel whipped a fly 4 times and it’s still alive. I think I’m gonna go listen to some death metal and then try again.” – me

RT @michaelishustleRT @ChristUnderoath:I wonder if Jesus thought farts were funny…

RT @jcarbo: “@anitracarbo: #in2012My New Years resolution is the same as last year. To not get pregnant again.”/hope my vasectomy holds …

@AndrewWK: PARTY TIP: the only thing we should hate is hate.

“Oh my gosh, is that his real face?” – Kaylee Beekman on Ron Perlman

RT @michaelishustle: RT @darlydalton: Cracker Barrel in Greer on 290 is out of meatloaf again, unbelievable!

” I really want to watch this, but I’m just gonna have to get used to his face.” – me on the Sons of Anarchy and Ron Perlman

RT @genieism: wait, Miami JaiAlai is still a thing?

RT @michaelishustle: RT @badbanana: Nothing says “I’m carrying $3 and a Guitar Center receipt” like a wallet chain.

“Big news! I almost got on the treadmill today.” – the pioneer woman

“This is about to be the most bitchingly fast bike in all of orange county.” – Buster

“Don’t ever flange.” – Adam Crocker

“I pledge allegiance to the Lamb, obviously.” – Daniel when I asked him what songs we should do for Easter this year

RT @jonacuff: We argue about a lot of things online, but can we please all agree that Teen Wolf 1 was the best of all the Teen Wolf films?

“Lukas…LUKAS. do not use karate on anyone.” – Melissa Gollery

me: how many times has 50 cent been shot, like 30? daniel: nah, only like 9 times. me: oh,ok

RT @FillWerrel: Sometimes when it rains i go outside with a cocktail umbrella and pretend im a Giant.


Oh man, that was fun.


Photoshoot Saturday

Saturday afternoon turned out to be great. Daniel I and got to spend some time with our friends Darren and Kay exploring downtown Lake City and documenting it with pictures. It was only going to be a few minutes of photographing Kay with my new etsy items on, but it ended up turning into a fun adventure. Lake City’s old buildings make for great backdrops thanks to the chipped paint and old brick. It is also the home of a huge and unfortunately vacant building (one of many) that used to be Hotel Blanche. There weren’t any trespassing signs anywhere, so we managed to shimmy ourselves up into the empty hallways and rooms of the once occupied hotel. It made for some great photos. The brooch/pin and wedding hairpiece that you see Kay wearing in some of these pictures you can view in more detail at my etsy shop, along with many others!