Simply Bread

Remember in college when your bank account would sometimes get down to .27 cents?

Well the ole Webb piggy bank isn’t too far off from that. Since Daniel started his new job, the couple of transition pay checks from last job and new job have SUCKED, which is to be expected. Nothing new, and we get by. Can’t say that I’m not excited about tomorrow being pay day though.

Anyways, we ran out of bread yesterday morning, and I was trying to figure out how I was going to obtain some more. I googled “bread”, and then clicked on the first recipe. “Beginners Bread Recipe”, is what it was called. We’re talking Home-Ec bread recipe, THE BASICS. I’ve only ever made bread one other time, so I figured I’d probably need the most simple recipe, and I happened to have all of the ingredients for this particular one, which is rare.

I did it! And it was quite an enjoyable experience. I had just enough organic unbleached all-purpose flour left over from the World Market in Georgia to use, and I managed to find exactly enough dry yeast.


It was perfectly consistent all the way through, with a tougher crust and an extra soft inside. It had the texture of the white mountain bread one would get at Publix, with the taste of cuban bread. I tried keeping it inconspicuous last night while we had small group at our house, but Daniel found it…. and needless to say, we are out of bread again this morning.

Guess you could say we were super biblical last night since we literally “broke bread” together. He. He.

Want the recipe? Here it is. The only addition I made to the steps was I added the sugar to the disolved yeast water first, and let sit for a few moments before I added everything else. I also had to use almost a whole cup more of flour to get the consistency right.

You can also substitute 1/4 cup of ground flax seed for flour.

Bread baking is definitely different than other baking, and I think I might really like it. There’s a patience and a kneading technique one must develop to end up with a superb loaf of bread, which is something I wouldn’t mind developing.

Have you ever made bread before? What’s your favorite kind of bread?

BACON 2012

Friends, what you are about to see is ridiculous. I apologize in advance for the vegan/vegetarian buds, but this is all in good fun. My job is really awesome, and BACON 2012 is our latest marketing effort to really create a Social Presence online, and to also participate in the current political frenzy. My husband, Dan, is the doofus you will see below. I love him.

Seriously though…. everyone take a few minutes, and chill out. Take a break from the political debates and rants, eat some dang bacon, and watch this video.

YouTube Preview Image

Yum: Sunny Goats & Sweet Grape Sammy

My friend Genie said something to me once that I did not realize held so much truth until that very moment when she said it: “You love a sandwich.” It’s true. I really, REALLY love a sandwich. If I owned a sandwich shop, I would name every sandwich something ridiculous like that. Why not? It’s fun and it makes me smile. Reminds me of Tom Haverford. But I digress. Here we have something I came up with months ago on accident, and it is probably one of my favorite sandwiches ever. I’m not a huge recipe person, but I do like to share some of the goodies I stumble upon while in the kitchen. So I present to you the Sunny Goats and Sweet Grape Sammy. It will require a Panini Press, but you can substitute a non-stick pan for the “pressing” portion of the process.

What you’ll need

2 slices of whole wheat bread

1 large egg

Grape Jelly

Goat Cheese (spreadable or crumbled)

Fry your egg first. While your egg is frying, spread your goat cheese on one piece of bread and your grape jelly on the other.

Remove the egg from the pan while the top of the egg is still uncooked. Don’t worry though! The next step will ensure a cooked egg. Top the egg and jelly-covered piece of bread with the cheese-smothered piece, and set it on your Panini Press.

This happened on accident (or shall we call it an EGG-cident) and I thought it was hilarious. The sandwich grew a hand. I hope this happens to you.

Remove the sandwich when you are satisfied with it’s cooked state. I cooked mine for about 4 1/2 minutes, and the egg was perfect. Not overcooked, but firm enough to keep me from gagging. The goat cheese and jelly turn into this pastry like filling that blankets the egg so wonderfully.

And there you have the Sunny Goats & Sweet Grape Sammy. Eat, and be satisfied.

If you wanna get all sassy, use a spicy jam. It gives the sandwich quite a punch in the taste buds.

Happy Friday!