Abram the Baberam.

I don’t think I’ve ever posted any pictures of my little man on this blog so far, and who doesn’t love a picture of a baby?

So here are some recent pictures of him and his tiny life.

He loves a good pair of sunglasses.

I promise this is not how my husband usually smiles. I wanted this picture because his shirt looked good on him and Abram was wearing his moccasins handed down from his daddy.

The BEST of friends.

This is the cashier at Ken’s BBQ. Abram goes there every Friday night with his Mimi and Grandaddy and this lady adores him. They’ve become pals.

I mean seriously…. I can’t take how cute he is. And his hair has started to curl around his ears which makes me want to die. It reminds me of my little brother when he was this age.

Someone gave us a monkey suit. It provided a couple of hours of entertainment. Thank you, whoever you are.

Father and Son.

Right before he started walking last week he took this hamper and would push it around the house. Training for the real deal.

This might be one of my favorite pictures ever.


I really love my family. Sometimes too much, to the point where the fear of losing them outweighs the desire to live life to it’s greatest potential. Family is a gift and a blessing from our Creator, and should never be something that cripples us. But just like everything else that is good, family can also be an idol.

But I’ll save that talk for tomorrows post.

Our Backyard Project.

Who’s got a backyard that needs some serious help? This gal. In April we will be celebrating Abram’s first birthday. I’m overjoyed that our tax return was so large because this means that we can actually throw him a birthday party, and pay for it ourselves! Now, we aren’t going to go crazy or anything, but we do want to invite all of our friends and family from all over the place. My first thought was to have it at Daniel’s parents house, which is five minutes down the road. They have a giant backyard with a nice deck and a grill. But the more I thought about it, the more I wanted to have it at our home. We have plenty of space, and with the some work (well, a lot of work) we can get our backyard looking decent. It really does have great potential, it’s just overgrown and wasn’t kept up for about 15 years. Sooo….

We have all of the trees around our house, which provides excellent shade, but boy is it the worst when it comes to the leaf count.

Our patio is spacious. I have big dreams for it, but first….

We have to get rid of the spider haven. The entire roof of that overhang is covered in spiderwebs, where they all lurk and hide during the day. And the stuff on the patio isn’t necessarily junk. We got rid of the junk part last year. But it’s just stuff we need to move and find a place for. Now granted, there is still some stuff we need to throw away. Like that ridiculous pot. And the three paper/mail boxes.


Daniel’s fixing to build some shelves for me and a rack for his recording gear out of all that wood.

Yes, that is a bin of old mason jars. And yes, I am crazy for not having taken them out already and using them. But soon my friends, soon.

We are guessing that this is where Daniel’s great aunt Lois had her garden. Now it is just an overgrown poop box for our dog Titan. I bought some organic seeds at Lowe’s on Saturday, so my hope is to turn it back into the garden it once was.


There are currently two giant holes in the backyard. Daniel and Roger were on a quest to find the septic tank because our toilets have been backing up. So that’s a fun decoration.

Our shed, that I never looked into until Saturday, is an interesting part of our backyard. The eagle on the top is my favorite. Hopefully we can shove all the stuff on the patio that we want to keep in here so that we can start to clean it up. I don’t want to have a birthday party where spiders are raining on our guests heads. It just can’t happen.


What house projects have you been working on lately? What are some you want to start?

Post-Valentines Day Thoughts.

So I noticed yesterday an explosion on twitter and facebook of the most extreme thoughts and opinions about Valentines Day and on completely different sides of the spectrum. It really got me to thinking.

Everyone’s approach to such a high profile holiday has everything to do with our personal experiences. Some went all out and shared pictures and wished the world a happy Valentine’s day, and some said the most vile, bitter words that gave us a glimpse into the broken heart. Some were completely in the middle, but everyone had something to say about it. I wonder why.

All I can say is that as humans, we can really value, cherish, skew, distort, accept, deny, fail or succeed at and enjoy or hate love. Love is the most simple, but it’s the most intricate. It can be everything to us or nothing at all. We can allow it to have no limits or we can put it in a box of chocolates.

It’s just interesting. I’m gonna leave it at that for now.

My Valentines day was nice. Nothing special happened, but Abram and I did surprise Daniel at work with a giant cheesy card and a box of Ferrero Rocher’s. Daniel was kinda bummed because he never really knows what to do for Valentines Day, and the day before had been a disaster (as I previously posted) so he didn’t have the time he thought he would to work on something. When I picked him up from work last night, he handed me some crumpled up papers and told me to read it.

In a nutshell, he told me how much he appreciates me and how I make his life better.

It was better than any balloon, card, candy, stuffed animal, fancy dinner or the most creative and original scheme.

Those things are awesome, but sometimes you just need a child-like note from your favorite person in the world telling you how much they love you.