D.I.Y. Shoe Bedazzle

So I have been seeing several tuts floating around Pinterest for giving an old pair of shoes some new life. I’ve been on a pretty crazy Pinterest kick for the past two weeks (almost every meal we’ve eaten for over a week and a half has been a pinterest recipe) so I wanted to give this quick project a try. I like the tuts that only take a few minutes and don’t require many materials. These are the kind of projects I work on in between cleaning the house, while Abe is taking a nap, to revitalize me and keep the creative spark aflame. So check out my new (old) emerald flats! This seriously took me less than 10 minutes.


Apparently you are supposed to do another coat of mod podge after the glitter is dried. I haven’t done that yet, as the glitter seems to stay on, but I probably will just to be safe.


With Every Season….

So, on Monday I said I had an announcement to make, and I figured that it would be best to share it as soon as possible. I guess this could be considered a sad announcement, but not really!

While I was away being refreshed and getting some much needed color, God made some things very clear for me. The past few months has involved much narrowing down of commitments and passions, as I’ve shared in previous posts. I felt, last week, that God was continuing that process of elimination, and I feel very peaceful about the conclusions. With that said, this blog is going to change. This will no longer be one of my main focuses. Wait, don’t be upset! Let me finish.

One of the conversations I had last week with someone who is very passionately pursuing his gifts shared with me that even when God takes away a desire and replaces it with a new one  (or a RE-newed one), that it is still wise to fulfill your commitments until it’s completion, and continue to steward your gifts accordingly.  I have no idea if that makes any sense. Let me see if I can make that sound a little more coherent.

My desire for music has be re-awakened. With that came the diminished drive to do Jude And The Walrus, blog and etsy shop included. It was a feeling I started to have a couple of weeks ago, but was sort of in denial about it because I was finally getting the hang of the whole blog thing. I feel such a strong magnetism to writing music, singing, and becoming better skilled at the instruments I love. I even kinda want to get into the engineering and production aspect of music, and I couldn’t have married a better person to teach me how to do that!

Like I’ve said SO MANY TIMES, I’m only one person. And I committed a while back to stop committing so much- hehe. I feel peaceful about this decision.

Here’s where the stewarding my gifts accordingly comes in. Jude And The Walrus is not over for good. I will still be posting, but just not as much. The posts that I do share will be words that I feel God has given me throughout the week, and so there will be a lot less posts about thrift store finds, hair, etc. I will also be closing my Etsy shop. HOWEVER, I will still gladly make accessories of all kinds for anyone who wants them. So orders will become “upon request only” starting in July.

And now for the fun part of the  post…

Yep! I want to get rid of all my goodies on etsy, so from today until June 30th, everything in my shop will be 50% off! There’s only one of each thing, so if you want something, don’t wait! Click here or the “Shop JATW” button in the right top corner to snatch it all up! Use coupon code SUMMER12 at checkout, and purchases of 2 or more accessories will get a surprise accessory for free!

Ok, go!

The Brush and Canvas In Hand

Let me preface what I have to say today with this: I know I wrote recently of giving up some commitments so that I can focus on what matters. Well, I did that.

I have to say that this is the first time in my life that ALL of my toiling involve things I am passionate about. There are two reasons why this has never been the case in the past:

1. It was not the right season of life

2. I was too scared

Each day I wake up, and I want to hustle so hard. I want to do more and more, and no matter how much I get done by the end of the day, there is still SO MUCH MORE. But it’s not the kind of “more” that has obligation attached to it. It’s the kind of “more” that heats up my blood and moves one foot in front of the other, and so on. I don’t know how I believed the lie that said “I suck at everything” for so long. I am doing things, dangit, and I am doing them well.

Sidenote: None of this is to my own credit. It’s all God kids. All God.

Any who, I find myself wishing there were more hours in the day. My plate is piling up, but I fear my eyes are bigger than my stomach. With the way I am going, I will HAVE to give something up in order to put my all in to the other things.

The reality is, I am only one physical human body that has 24 hours in a day just like everyone else. I’m seeing myself start to tip toe around the opposite extreme of my formal self, which is the person who takes on the amount of work that would suffice for 10 people. Before, fear was so at large in my heart that it kept me from doing pretty much everything. Now the Creator fuels the fire, and I just can’t get enough. I just can’t get enough (boy I think about it every night and day…)

Oh yes. I did just quote a Black Eyed Peas lyric. And I actually kinda hate that song. Forgive me.

Alas, I digress. I need to do some real soul searching, and decide what passion[s] needs to be priority. Obviously, God should be my ultimate priority (that’s for all of you Jesus Jukers who were about to slam the “God comes first” card down). But within the realm of the Father lies the brush and canvas in hand.

What masterpiece will come of it?