March Writing Challenge Day 2: My Hymn

Be still, my soul cannot

I anxiously wait for Thee

Some burdens obvious

Yet others I cannot see


Heavy eyelids close

Open slowly

Oh, that I may know

What future awaits for me


Doubt and fear, my recent thoughts

Toiling endlessly

Oh Lord, take these whispers

To Thee, I am surrendering


Quiet and small, the place we meet

My soul becomes still, there is peace

Savior, Jesus

What rest I find with Thee

March Writing Challenge Day 1: Start

March Writing Challenge

Groggy Eyes, tired heart

The morning light calls me

It’s time to start. 

Cloudy thoughts, weary bones

The seeds of a quitter

I have often sewn. 

Disregarding the past

A new day breaks the dawn

Push myself up, and out

It’s time to move on.

Failure is essential

She is the mother of new starts

Why, then, does it kill me

Why must it tire so my heart?

No matter, I suppose

Because grace so vastly abounds

If my maker bestows second chances

Then right here, right now

A new song resounds.