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When words are many, transgression (sin) is not lacking, but whoever restrains his lips is prudent. -Proverbs 10:19

There’s no real way of getting around that. In fact, it doesn’t really need a whole lot of explanation. I do have some questions, though.

Do you like to talk?

Do you feel like your stories, opinions and comments are important?

Important enough that they need to be heard?

Important enough that they need to be heard often?

Do you usually find yourself being the center of the conversation in a group or a one-on-one encounter?

Do you find yourself not really knowing your friends that well?

Do you feel like deep relationships are lacking in your life?

What are your Facebook statuses like?

What are your Tweets like?

Are you uncomfortable yet?

You might get mad, or ask yourself, “who does she think she is?” But, like I said, there’s no real way of getting around that verse. Especially if you say you believe in the Bible.

I don’t like this verse either, and those of you who know me well know that I’ve been known to enjoy my opinions, especially when I get to share them. But if I really, REALLY think about all of the talking I’ve done in the past week, and recap what I’ve said to the people around me…

Transgression was not lacking, and that is not ok.


Tuesday Style: Neutral Winter

Tuesday Style


Well, it’s still cold outside, I guess for a Florida girl. I actually don’t mind it at all, because it warms up in the 70’s by lunch. North Florida weather is so perfect, because you can dress like it’s winter in the morning, and be in your favorite pair of shorts and flip flops by late afternoon.

Guys, I really enjoy these shoes. I saw them for the first time in TJ Maxx in September of 2012. They were 24.99, which is not bad at all for shoes, but it kinda is for me. I really can’t justify spending money on clothes or shoes most of the time when we gotta pay da bills and keep Abe’s tummy happy with healthy foods. I don’t mind it much anymore, because I’ve been able to break a terrible addiction to shopping (which most of you don’t know about) and it allows me to get creative with my wardrobe.

So I waited.

I waited and waited and waited. Each time I went back to the store, they were still there, and they were still $24.99.

Well, I ended up getting a little over $100 in TJ Maxx gift cards for Christmas, so what was the first thing I did the day after Christmas?

You guessed it. And here they are, with the rest of my ensemble this morning.

Most outfits I manage to  get on each morning are pretty lame and/or scary, so I was proud of myself for throwing this together last minute today. I like that neutrals, grays and blues are in right now, so I just went with it.

Have you ever waited it out for a piece of clothing/shoes that you just had to have?