Ima Sew Some Stuff!

Meet my vintage sewing machine, Gertrude. It’s not that great. But it is at least helping me get familiar with a sewing machine and it’s parts.

Guys… I’ve wanted to learn how sew since I was probably 4. It was something that for some reason always seemed so out of my reach. That is, until two years ago when I acquired a sewing machine from the late Lois Asay. Obviously, two years have gone by, and I haven’t learned how. My bad. I was just busy having a kid and figure out how to get him through his first year of life. You know, the usual. Anyways, I feel like it’s high time I learn how to do this, as I am a very weird, or shall I say UNIQUE shape, and want to make my own clothes. And what better kind of mother-in-law to have than a seamstress?

Kim has been sewing, both professionally and for pleasure, for probably a couple of decades. She made my wedding dress! Recently she spent a day teaching me how to do a simple hem (which turns out is really not that simple, and VERY tedious) and alterations on a pair of shorts. It seriously took a one thousand hours. But it was fun, and I felt mightily accomplished by the end of the day!

My goal by the end of this year is to have simple sewing techniques and knowledge down. By Summer of 2013, I want to be able to start ¬†using patterns to make dresses and shorts! I’ve picked up a bunch of sewing patterns over the past year from local thrift shops, and it’s crazy, cause even though these are REALLY OUTDATED patterns, they look just like what hangs on the racks of my favorite stores.

And I only had to pay 50 cents for them, suckaaazz.


Break All My Bones Part 2: Fear is a Liar.

I know that my blog posts are so spaced out, and I really apologize. We have been without a computer for several weeks now. We’ve had three computers die on us over the course of the summer, and it’s just been the dumbest thing. So I am reduced to blogging in my spare time at work.

Anyways, one day I will get to the real meat of the Break All My Bones series on here, but here is some more of that.

Fear is something that has always ruled my life, and just recently has God really been pulling that out of me by it’s bloody root. To help my mind accept that living in fear is not living at all, I ordered some vinyl lettering from my job and put it up on the bedroom wall right next to my bed. This stuff is big, bold, and and blunt. It’s the first thing I see when I wake up in the morning, and the last thing I see when I go to bed.

IT IS THE TRUTH. It is reality. And it is helping me immensely.

What keeps you from living life with joy, peace, passion and rest?

Bathroom Re-do

Guys (I mean ladies)… my bathroom is the worst. The wall paper is ALMOST¬†unbearable, but fortunately I have a vintage spirit. The tile is coming up, but was really cute at one time (back in the 70’s). The sink and toilet are ancient and gross, but the reality is, we can’t do anything about it. We cannot afford to renovate the bathroom (like the rest of our house needs), so we have just kinda ignored it for the past two years, using it solely for function.

Yesterday, out of no where, a spark inside my soul inspired me to re-do the bathroom as best as I could, to make it a more enjoyable space.

It cost nothing. I simply took some stuff out, did some cleaning, and grabbed stuff from around the house to decorate it with.

Here are some pics pre- creativity.

Ugh… so sad. That metal thing makes me want to barf.

That white thing was at one time very useful, for our bathroom in Greer, SC had no cabinets, and was so small that you could crap and brush your teeth at the same time.

Ok, so here are the after pics. It’s not ideal obviously, but it is so much better! Now I actually don’t mind spending time in there doing my hair or taking a bath.

I have a problem with hair bands. I SUCK at keeping them in the same spot. It’s been a struggle my whole life, and much like bobby pins, I will start out with a pack of 100 and be rid of them after 4 months. Well no more! Since the wall paper is old and going to peel off at any moment now, I decided to just hot glue these babies to the wall. Now my hair bands are organized, and I feel encouraged to put them back where they belong.

I love me a ball jar, ya’ll. That tiny jar once held baby food. I knew they’d come in handy, and now they are the home of my bobby pins. We’ll see how that goes. I’m skeptical. Bobby pins are like pogs. They just disappear and no one ever knows where they went.

I took this painting out of my craft room, cause Lord knows that’s decorated enough. I found that tin jar at a local thrift store months ago, and it is inconspicuously resting on a phone jack.

These pictures came out of a Tinker Bell story book I bought at a thrift store a year ago. I loved the art and knew it would serve a purpose eventually (Plus, I secretly love tinker bell…. don’t judge).

My toiletry holder for when we go out of town.

Isn’t it soooo much better? Like I said, it’s not ideal, and colors clash all over the place. But now it feels like MY bathroom. And I’m a pretty colorful/chaotic person, so it suites me.

Are you happy with your bathroom? What would you change about it?