My Style: New Glasses!

Well, I got a new pair of specs! I can’t find my wayfarers (honestly, I know they are in my house but I haven’t really looked) and there was a coupon on facebook for a free pair of glasses from Coastal, so I decided to take advantage.

Ya’ll… I got these beautiful brown and pink cat eye glasses that were originally $115, for $15 dollars, which was the price of shipping and handling. Win for me!

I decided to be bold and go for the cat-eye frame, but remained conservative on the curve as to not be too extreme. I thought this color would compliment my skin well. I’m really happy about my choice, and now I can see again!

Break All My Bones Part 1

I’ve been experiencing a new kind of faith the past week and a half. It has been the most painful, exhausting, liberating and eye-opening 9 days of my life. And I saw my dad being trampled by police on the news once. I saw a man get dragged underneath my car 50 feet and almost die in front of my eyes.

These things pale in comparison.

I know that this journey of freedom will be longer than just these past 9 days, so I am going to do a series of posts that touch on what I’ve been going through, sin, our innate crookedness, the pathetic yet enticing lies of Satan and God’s overwhelming and death-conquering glory.

Hold on to your butts.

Here’s a bunch of words I wrote after small group on Wednesday, the 15th of August. Little did I know God was going to start answering this plea just a few days later.

I lived a life of whores, found five lovers and even more.

There’s nothing that you tell me you’ve done, that I haven’t done before.

In my heart, sin has dwelt since the dawn of Eve’s choice. 

Dining with the dead, entertaining a lively corpse. 

Break all of my bones if you have to, and rip them right out.

Don’t leave a spec of sin,  not one single solitary doubt.

Take from me this flesh, and replace it with your spirit.

Pull my sides right off, I don’t care if it’s a bloody mess.

Breathe into me breath, and pull me out of this pretty grave.

I can’t live another second, as a zombie and as a slave.

I may not have any sides, but now I am finally alive. 

Friend Feature: Heart Sparks Illustration

So I have been so excited to share with you all my lovely portrait, hand drawn with much skill and passion, by the fabulous Angie Thompson of Heart Sparks Illustration.

Angie is a friend of mine that I have really only gotten to meet once or twice in person. Much like my friend Carrie Mattson (whom I’ve now spent ample time with in person) Angie and I have been getting to know each other via Social Media like instagram and such. We have mutual friends from Greenville, South Carolina. We even went to the same school, but I was only at NGU for a year, not getting the chance to know her.

From what I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing thus far, she is a beautiful person with a ferocious amount of talent. She also has great taste in fashion, coffee and beautiful things in general. I’ve seen her drawings and portraits of couples over the past year, and I finally had to ask her to do one for our little family. Needless to say, I am so happy about the result!

If you haven’t already clicked on the link above, then stop waiting and click here. Check out her work, support what she loves to do most and have her bless your home with a portrait or illustration!