Workin’ Girl.

Today is a neat day because I get to work with Daniel! (Yes, I just used the word “neat”)

Daniel works for, which is a company that offers online solutions for the sign industry. They provide services for businesses like, which is the largest online sign company in the world. They also have there own signage brands, like I’ve had the pleasure of hanging out in their warehouse/offices which are located in Lake City. The atmosphere is energetic and motivating, and the people are wonderful. There is a spirit of encouragement and productivity in the air, and employees get rewarded and praised for doing a good job. From what I’ve observed and what Daniel is experiencing, this isn’t a place where your working dreams go to die. The more initiative you show, the more responsibility you get and the higher you move up. It sounds like the perfect place to work!

Due to the election season, Daniel and his marketing superiors need some extra man (or in my case, WOMAN power) to get research and find candidate information for all the counties in the country. Daniel offered my help, and I am excited to say that they gladly received his offer! I get to work part time with ma man on Wednesday, calling government offices and working my magic. The rest of the days of the week I get to work from home! They are going to have me set up a phone that I can use to make the calls, and I essentially get to be my own boss. Now I can play with Abram all day, and still be able to contribute to our family income. I get paid per call, so I choose how many calls I make a day. Or perhaps Abram chooses how many calls I make…. haha.

It feels good to be able to do this for my family. I’ve realized over the past few months that my etsy shop/blog is not something that happens over night, and it is going to take a great deal of hard work and dedication to getting it off the ground and see a profit come of it. This opportunity gives me the chance to make some money in the meantime, and also gives me the flexibility to work on the things I am passionate about. Back when Daniel and I got married, we talked about what I would do when we had a child. We committed to decision of me staying home with our child until he/she goes to school. Well, our plan was not to have a baby for at least 4 years. HA. Clearly our plan was squashed, and God had a different one. We were not financially ready for Abram to come, and so the temptation was to go back on our commitment and have me work. But at the end of the day, we knew that our commitment was God inspired and that we needed to have faith that God would provide.

Abram will be a year old next month. Every bill has been paid, every meal has been eaten and the gas tank was full enough to get us where we needed to go. A lot of sacrifices were made, but the decision to stay home with Abram has been an incredible one, and we have been completely taken care of. I feel like this opportunity for extra income is just an incredible blessing and a reward for all the times I didn’t give in to the attractive idea of getting a “real” job.

Don’t you just hate when people talk like being a mom isn’t a real job?

Oooh, that just burns my biscuits.

Quotes and Tweets: It’s Been a Funny Year.


Yes. I love it. I LOVE IT!

Quotes are some of my favorite things in the world to read and reminisce over. I used to be really good at recording and keeping track of them in my phone or on my twitter, But I’ve really been slacking lately. I still got some good ones though, but not many. So this post is going to feature quotes AND favorite tweets that have been in my life over the past year. Enjoy!

“If I’m going to be in the hospital, then I’m going to watch as much trashy reality tv as possible.” – what I said the day before Abram was born

“Anyone who starts talking about ‘the next one’ referring to a baby is going to get punched in the mouth.” – what I said the day after Abram was born

“Well, I’m gonna chalk this up to being awake.” – Daniel 4 days after Abram was born

RT @jonacuff: you know, Jewel used to live in a van. #thingspeoplesaidconstantlyinthe90s

“They might take a dump in the backyard like a golden retriever, but they are not the same thing.” – Matt Chandler on children

RT @benpatat: I’m eating the most worst foods for me. I love to eat bad foods for me.

“Sounds racist.” – My mothers response to me telling her about the high quality recordings of natural white noise that soothes Abram

“You’ve offended me so much today.” – Daniels response to my disdain for sloppy joes and Ice Age

“There are some setbacks to being poor… mainly it’s being poor.” – Daniel

“Babe, you know how I feel about pooping in a place predominantly occupied by women.” – Daniel

“Man, they’ve been beefin’ for a good minute.” – Robert Bartley on the Arabs and Jews

“Ma mama told me to eat ma garbage.” – passerby in downtown Miami

“Oh, so you want me to buy ya’ll some panties?” – another passerby in downtown Miami

“It’s real Snead-y in there.” – Massey on the Snead brothers

“Come over right now and harmonize with me and Eb.” – me to Brett Houston

“Take that free radicals!” – Daniel while eating blueberries

“I just made a 14 pump vanilla latte with 20 raw sugars.” – Julianna Hendrix

RT @sketchism: I wonder if lightning bugs ever see fireworks and think, “man, that dude is awesome.”

Daniel: I thought some of the graphics were lame. Me: well, it was 2005. Daniel: … I’m only ever going to say Jurassic Park. Me: … oh yea.

“I think something just hit me in the bowels.” – Daniel

“I just sliced the most gorgeous turkey for that lady’s sandwich.” – Brie Demott

“I’m gonna need some geometrical proof.” – Daniel referring to someone who might actually need an evangicube to accept Christ

“Sand people are the worst.” – Luke Skywalker

“Sometimes I just gotta caulk somethin.” – Heather Mullins

RT @jimmyrayhancock: You know. Just updating my myspace.

“Our son went from cooing to babbling at 5 am this morning. What a strange time for a developmental milestone.” – Daniel

“Someone dropped a grape on me.” – Jonny Peace

RT @jonacuff: I’m not gonna lie, when I was at focus on the family today, it was really hard for not to sneak off for an adventure in Odyssey.

“Sometimes moms have to take showers.” – me reasoning with Abram

RT @jimgaffigan: being a parent may be thankless but at least the pay is terrible.

“Jeff Foxworthy loves a jean.” – me at Cat2011

RT @michaelishustle: RT @prodigalsam: I’d trust a 300 ft T-Rex with nunchucks before trusting someone who buys cheap toilet paper.

“Dood, I need to split the regions at the transients.” – Daniel speaking a foreign language to John Petty

“She can do a real good Gretchen Wilson.” – man at farmers market

RT @juliannahendrix: “you know that spot in Greer where the road whips around like Talladega?” -@JacobSlawter

RT @benpatat: I had a dream we were all swimming in a creek, and a python came out of nowhere. Then @randalraineycaught it. We cheered.

“This one is such a low flyer.” – Daniel trying to kill a fly

“Thick neckington.” – Matt Fidler’s nickname for Daniel

RT @benpatat: Me: “Kyndal, if I turned into a zombie, would you shoot me?” @kyndalpatat: “Yes. Absolutely.” Me: “That’s my girl.”

“Treat Yo’self 2011!!” – Donna and Tom

RT @michaelishustle: RT @emilykdalton: When you can punch two people, one with each hand, at the same time.. You’re successful.

RT @lukashodge: wrestling fans LOVE flames.

“If you don’t run, then you’ll be gross…” – song I made up for motivation

“The only wattage I know of is the 1.21 of the jigga kind.” – Jessica Ferreira

” I just towel whipped a fly 4 times and it’s still alive. I think I’m gonna go listen to some death metal and then try again.” – me

RT @michaelishustleRT @ChristUnderoath:I wonder if Jesus thought farts were funny…

RT @jcarbo: “@anitracarbo: #in2012My New Years resolution is the same as last year. To not get pregnant again.”/hope my vasectomy holds …

@AndrewWK: PARTY TIP: the only thing we should hate is hate.

“Oh my gosh, is that his real face?” – Kaylee Beekman on Ron Perlman

RT @michaelishustle: RT @darlydalton: Cracker Barrel in Greer on 290 is out of meatloaf again, unbelievable!

” I really want to watch this, but I’m just gonna have to get used to his face.” – me on the Sons of Anarchy and Ron Perlman

RT @genieism: wait, Miami JaiAlai is still a thing?

RT @michaelishustle: RT @badbanana: Nothing says “I’m carrying $3 and a Guitar Center receipt” like a wallet chain.

“Big news! I almost got on the treadmill today.” – the pioneer woman

“This is about to be the most bitchingly fast bike in all of orange county.” – Buster

“Don’t ever flange.” – Adam Crocker

“I pledge allegiance to the Lamb, obviously.” – Daniel when I asked him what songs we should do for Easter this year

RT @jonacuff: We argue about a lot of things online, but can we please all agree that Teen Wolf 1 was the best of all the Teen Wolf films?

“Lukas…LUKAS. do not use karate on anyone.” – Melissa Gollery

me: how many times has 50 cent been shot, like 30? daniel: nah, only like 9 times. me: oh,ok

RT @FillWerrel: Sometimes when it rains i go outside with a cocktail umbrella and pretend im a Giant.


Oh man, that was fun.


The Week’s End Activities.

This weekend was a nice one. We enjoyed the farmers market, a few yard sales, and got to spend some quality family time together. Daniel also preached his very first sermon yesterday, which was special. I’m not just saying this cause he is my husband, but for the first time preparing and delivering a sermon, he did EXCELLENT. We have discovered that my husband has quite a bit of natural talent for public speaking. While listening to him, I became overwhelmed for a few minutes with emotion- both good and scary. For months I’ve been feeling God moving us towards a pastoral or some kind of leadership calling. I also felt very undeserving of such a wonderful man. I am so grateful.

Over the weekend I got some stuff done and picked up some things here and there. Wanna see?

I ordered striped paper straws for Abram’s birthday party and they came in Friday afternoon. They are really cute!

I made a bunch of hair clips for a little girl at church. I always love to decorate and package my orders and gifts, because it always brings a smile to the receiver.

Picked up this cute pair of overalls at the Educate BV yard sale on Saturday. From the looks of the tag, they might be vintage. I just really liked the colors.

Snagged this gem of a vintage bag for a dollar at a yard sale.

FINALLY found a pair of shorts that fit me comfortably. Still working on the post-pregnancy bod, and man things just fit so weird. These are cute, and go along with the nautical theme I seem to be following lately.

Bought this liquid container that we are going to use for the bubble station for Abram’s birthday party. This will hold the refill bubbles, and I’ve saved baby food jars here and there to hold the bubbles in for the kids. Recycle!

Decided to finally get a case of ball jars, they’re real cheap: only 9 dollars for 12 jars at Wal-mart. I want to use these for pretty drinks for the Bachelorette Party I’m hosting for my friend Kay. I also want to use them for everyday drinking. That is green tea in there, btw. I realized after taking the picture that it looked kinda gross.

I made a list that gives Daniel and I a daily reminder of the things we need to do to the house so that it is guest-ready for when family and friends come in for Abram’s birthday.


Well that was my weekend. How was yours?