Getting Things Done.

At the beginning of January, I made goals for 2012 (as most people did), but this is the first time in my life where I actually wrote them out and displayed them. I really, REALLY want to be intentional and accomplish some rather large things this year. However, I know myself. And myself is not a very organized or disciplined self. I usually tend to be a whimsical, fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants type of person that thrives on creativity…. when I feel like being creative.

Now how many of us are just like that, and how often do we actually get a good amount of stuff done? Haha. The answer to that is probably embarrassing, right? Oh, those of you that are so organized and proactive, how we envy thee (seriously though, I know I do).

So responsibility and maturity (along with other grown-ups that speak into my life) say that I need to overcome this weakness I have and get organized, so that my time is spent to its maximum potential. Apparently doing this will actually help me accomplish stuff (who knew?)

Here’s a few things that I am doing to develop this discipline that I encourage you to do if you are just like me:

-Read Jon Acuff’s stuff. Follow him on Twitter. Do whatever you can to be motivated by him. He is the author of “Stuff Christians Like” and the more recent book titled “Quitter.” A fantastic satirist and motivator, he will definitely encourage you to accomplish your goals and turn your dreams into reality through his writing and #finishyear.

-Follow Michael Dalton on Twitter. He is a pretty neat friend of Daniel and I, and he is constantly tweeting and re-tweeting  creative and challenging words that help me get off my lazy butt.

-Come up with some kind of visual that organizes your daily, weekly and monthly goals. Here’s what mine looks like:

Nothing special to it right now. Just a dry erase board I swiped from church (just kidding, I asked my pastor) and some markers. I sectioned the board in to three separate parts: Today, This week, This Month. So far it is working out great, because it is helping me see the big picture. What I can do today will help me finish what needs to get done this week, which will accomplish the months goals which will finally help me meet my goals for the year. Now playing the guitar for an hour today doesn’t feel like a dead end because I know that this month I want to have two new songs written, which is two more closer to that full length album I want to finish before December.

So what tools and resources do you use to keep yourself organized and motivated?

My Transformed Creative Space!

Well as I said in a previous post, my craft room was transformed! While I was at a leadership class Sunday afternoon my sneaky mother-in-law came over and turned it into an organized space that leaves me to open and creative thinking without all the clutter. Here are some pictures.

new curtainsShe found a very long curtain rod at a thrift store and bought some curtains, and now the kitchen and the craft room are separate! I’m so happy about this, because now I can make things without looking over and feeling bad that there are dishes to wash. She also hung up two cloth shoe organizers on each side to stuff my felt and other fabric in.

She took my fantastic peacock scarf and turned it into a window curtain, and set up a 3 tiered organizer to make more room for my table. Right above that organizer on that empty wall will be some shower rods that my friend Joanna mentioned I should use in a previous comment to hang my fabric on. Those will be installed next week.

Kim did a great job of utilizing shoe organizers! In this she put many of my tools and lace so that they aren’t scattered everywhere underneath me or on top of my table.

Kim hung this small paper and desk supply organizer so that I can arrange my bills and keep them updated. This is going to help so much!

Shelves! Glorious Shelves. Always great for stacking stuff on. These were much needed.

So I am pretty happy with my new creative space. There’s a sense of freedom when I walk in there. Like I said, we still have some more things to add, but it is exponentially better than it ever was when I tried to organize it.


Blah Days.

Truthfully, I’ve been trying all day to think of something worth blogging about that involves visuals but that takes me 5 minutes.


So instead, I am going to tell you about what’s been going on today that is not that exciting at all. I’m sure some of you wanna see the great things I got for my birthday (trust me they are great) but that’s probably not going to happen until tomorrow or Thursday. And I also just thought of this: I wouldn’t be completely honest if I only posted super engaging and fun things all the time, cause that’s not how life is. Blah days are inevitable, and necessary.

Wanna here the most boring part of  my morning? I finished my taxes. Blah.

BUT, we are getting back over $4,000 dollars. So holler atcha girl (is that super tacky? I don’t care. People can know about my money).

I am pretty pumped up about this return (thanks to my son being born last year) because now Daniel and I can enjoy our 2nd year anniversary and not worry about spending money we don’t have. I think our plans are to go home to Miami and stay on the beach for a weekend. We are also going to use a huge chunk of it to continue to chip away at the student loan debt we have. RESPONSIBILITY!

In other news, Abram spilled my coffee on our new (old) rug that Daniel’s granny gave to us. So now I’m gunna have to do a little steam cleaning. Blah.

Our house is a mess, and it is beckoning me to straighten it up. Blah.

I should also probably take a shower. Blah.

Have you had a blah day recently? Do you accept those days and appreciate them for what they are or do you hate them with a fiery passion?